Who’s Preaching The Cross?🔥

Who’s Preaching the Cross?🔥

I see so many people preaching, proclaiming to be Prophets, & Apostles. Lots of people are talking about demons, the different types and how to defeat them. Writing book after book about demons. While its true we need that wisdom.
We also need to know about the power of the blood and how it defeated all those demons!
Oh, how my heart grieves.

Who’s preaching the CROSS?

People are giving out prophetic words for money and throwing out the, “name it and claim it,” and adding cash$app to every post and video. That’s not prophetic, its “pathetic.”
Oh, how my heart grieves.

Who’s Preaching the Cross?

Leaders are giving desperate singles, false hope, telling them X amount of people are going to be married this year, but they are not telling them how to steward being single and preparing for a spouse while they wait. Psychics do that.
Oh, how my heart grieves.

Leaders are preaching about prosperity and telling people
“1 million dollars is going into someones bank account tonight, type Amen and sow a seed.” But they are not telling people how to steward the money they have now, to prepare them for that million dollars. That’s witchcraft
Oh, how my heart grieves.

Many Leaders are signing up for every, “build your brand”, “build your ministry” webinar, trying to build a platform on their own. Trying to become FB famous, so they can get invited to speak. We should never be following anyone more than we follow Jesus. Oh, how my heart grieves.

Who’s teaching the basic necessary principles, Fasting, Communion, Self Discipline? Who’s talking about stewardship and discipleship? Who’s talking about repentance and the blood of Jesus? Oh, how my heart grieves.
I am not condemning anyone, I am simply voicing my concern.

But my deepest concern.
Who’s Preaching the Cross?
Father please forgive us.
John 3:16

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Face To Face With The One Who Loves Us.


I had a vision today, of seeing a woman with crusty scales on her eyes. Like someone, who had a severe case of shingles. Because this woman could not see, she was dependent on her hearing. However, there was so much chaos and noise, she was unable to hear clearly. The sounds were deafening, so she became fearful, because her ability to move about was based on her ability to hear. She began to cry, but her eyes were so crusted over, that not even tears could make their way through the scales.

I then heard a clicking sound. As the clicking became louder, she began to feel around the room. With each click, the chaos and confusion was becoming a faint whisper. With the final click, she stopped and waited intently. There was a soft voice that whispered. “I am here. I have always been here. You are not alone.” She began to weep with joy, and as she did, the tears caused the scales to begin to fall off her eyes. She opened her eyes, to behold the beauty of Jesus, with outstretched arms. End of vision.

After the vision I was intrigued by the clicking, so I looked it up. I read something interesting that states, that some blind people, can develop other senses, such as ‘Echolocation,’ to be able to figure out their surroundings. They will make a clicking noise, that noise will bounce off objects, and they are able to determine their surroundings, based on the closeness of the sounds.

I sensed this was an encouraging message for the body. Many people are struggling, unable to see clearly and are overwhelmed by the noise and chaos of the world. They have been blinded by, lies, fear and propaganda. The Lord is reminding us that He is always near, ready with outstretched arms. I believe God is giving people a supernatural ability to detect obstacles, in the natural. We are also developing new gifts in the spirit to discern and hear differently. Our joy in Him, will destroy fear and the things holding us captive and unable to move. God is giving us fresh eyes to see and the ability to hear beyond the noise. Remember, the clicking is your faith, it guides you. The purpose of all of this, the good and the bad, is to bring us face to face with the one who Loves us.
2 Cor 5:7 “For we walk by faith not by sight.”

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**Photo credit; Jessica Smith

Where Are The Warriors?


Friends, we are living in perilous times. We need Jesus, like we need air. There is a great awakening happening. Sadly, many people will not make it through this season. They are so conditioned and manipulated by the world, that they have been fooled. They will stay stuck in religious boxes and legalistic ideas. Fear has run rampant, and many of us have put our heads in the sand, hoping that we can just ignore what is happening. We need to WAKE-UP and be BOLD in this season. This is not a season to stay silent or stay in the camp.

We are in a serious spiritual battle. It requires WARRIORS!!
We must speak forth truth; we must be KINGDOM minded in this hour. We need to be bold, for our faith and be willing to be crucified by the world and other believers for it. Jesus came as both the lion and the lamb. This hour in time, requires the Lion.

A season of courage, strength, boldness, tenacity, and grit. A season to let out your roar and let your voice be heard. This is not a season to ONLY pray. This season requires putting your faith to action. This season requires boots on the ground! This season requires hardcore intercession AND picking up your sword. No more playing church saints.

Our lives, and future generations are depending on us to do our part!
GET UP. GEAR UP. SPEAK-UP. Take your place, its time to be bold as Lions. Its time to make war on the enemy’s camp and take back ALL that he has stolen. It’s time to rise up, mighty men and women of God! It’s time to RISE. Where are the warriors, who will fight for our Nation? Fight for our faith? Fight for our freedoms?
If not us then who??
Do it afraid. The Lord is with you.

I challenge you to Join the battle. Because we Win the War.
Are you battle ready?
Ephesians 6:10-18

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Demons Announce Your Promotion🔥

I have so much expectation in my spirit, it’s almost too much to contain. Everyday, I am checking my emails, text messages and YES even answering phone calls. I know that I know, something good is about to break open. I can feel it in my bones. I don’t see it in the natural, but I know it by the spirit.

In fact listen friends, the more opposition we face the greater the breakthrough. Demons will always announce your promotion. They always show up when God is about to bless you.

Yesterday, (8-11) I was doing my first, of 2 broadcast, and as soon as I went live, a spirit of witchcraft hit me. It literally made me feel ill, confusion hit and I put my head down unable to think. I wanted to shut off the broadcast, but my spirit rose up and said, “Not today satan.” I went on to do the broadcast, but many times I felt like my throat was trying to close up on me, like someone was squeezing it. I felt disoriented and unable to think clearly many times. It was the first time, I have had that happen on a broadcast.
But no weapon formed against me shall prosper!!

I am writing this post, as a future testimony to Gods goodness.
I expect to announce very soon, the reason for my warfare.
I also want this to be an encouragement to you,
continue to keep your hopes up, continue to be in expectation.
Expectation, is the breeding ground for miracles.

As a person with the gift of faith, I release that over you right now, in Jesus name. I dare you to dream with God.
1 Cor 2:9

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New Change Is Coming🔥

Last night, I had a quick but powerful dream. I was standing in a checkout line and the person started to get change out of the drawer to hand it to me. I looked confused, and said, “I thought there wasn’t any change.” The man smiled warmly, and said, “Oh, I have lots of change,” as he hands me a handful of brand NEW shiny quarters. I smiled back, thanking him, “I actually needed this change and its better than I thought,” as I admired my shiny new coins.
The Lord wants us to know, we may feel confused and things may look like they are not changing. However, not only are we going to see change, it will also be BRAND NEW change.
So friends, get excited and expectant as God IS moving and it will be better than you think!!
Ephesians 3:20
newchange #changeiscoming #betterthanyouthink

Put Your Boots On!

🔥So many people praying for the rapture!! ??

Being a soldier in Gods army is much like the military. You serve to protect and defend the things you love. You serve not for what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.
You serve because you have honor, your serve because you care about what happens to others. You serve because you love your country.

I have NO desire for the rapture right now, there is still TOO much work to be done.

As a child of God we have a responsibility. It is NOT to sit idle and wait for things to pass, or pray for the rapture. But it is to cause things to COME TO PASS. To bring HEAVEN to earth. To stand up for the voiceless, to be the ambassadors for the less fortunate. To bring hope and love to the world through the Love of Jesus and the Gospel.

WAKE UP CHURCH!! This is NOT a time to sit idle. Its a time to RISE UP and fight for our beliefs, our country our home.
Stop praying for the rapture, its NOT coming as soon as you may hope.

Put your boots on! It’s time to make war in the enemies camp, its time to BE BOLD. BE STRONG. BE COURAGEOUS. STAND UP FOR WHATS RIGHT. Honestly, I feel like if you have no desire to try and make a difference in this world, you have ZERO right to complain or judge those of us who are! SELAH.

standup #stopbeingidle #riseup #defendyourbeliefs

🔥Stay In Your Own Lane.

🔥It’s important to stay in your own lane!!
Having my own broadcast it was easy at first to look at other people doing LIVES, with powerful deliverance, prophecy and healings, and wonder if that is what I should be doing.
While, I operate in all of those gifts, especially the prophetic, and I use all my gifts as needed, I need to remember my assignment is to.
“Awaken, Equip and Inspire Godly leaders.”
People are naturally drawn to those powerful ministries because everyone wants a word or needs healing, so you may find that they have more viewers etc. But in many ways, that is not always good. Because people can become like leeches, only watching you, to get something from you.
Please, remember, you serve and Audience of ONE!
Do not compare your ministry with anyone else. God chose YOU for that specific assignment. So just because you don’t sweat when you preach, or pray loud, or cast out demons, does not mean that your ministry is not valuable or anointed.
Louder, does not mean more anointed!
Signs miracles and wonders, does not mean more anointed.
Your time with Jesus, your submission and your trust in what God has called you to do, will bring your highest level of anointing, in whatever sphere He has called you to.
So, let us all learn to stay in our own lane. The thief of joy is comparison. Only YOU can do what God has called you to do the way He wants you to do it! Rest in that!
donotcompare #thiefofjoy #wisdom #born2inspirelife

Exceptional August🔥


In my spirit today while driving and praying about what He was doing, I heard,

I believe we have entered a time of great favor with the Lord. Those who have stood and believed, those who have endured when everything was against them. Those who have been overlooked by man, when you served with excellence and integrity. Those who have waited patiently before the Lord.

God sees everything!! NOTHING has escaped Him!!

The Lord is promoting you. Not just another level.
But SEVERAL Levels, (more than 2). Where God is taking you, your resume will not qualify. But God says,

“It is I who gives and I who takes away. No man can stop that which I have for you. Trust me as I lead you into a door of many doors.”

Watch as the Lord begins to supernaturally open doors that you are not qualified for in the natural. But your gifts have made room for you, and your integrity and excellence will keep you. As I am writing I hear, “knock again, ask again, try again.” If you felt that God has called you to something but the timing wasn’t right before. Knock again, Ask again, Try again.

Watch as August begins. You will see where the Lord has been moving on your behalf. August will begin “Exceptional” things for you.
Despite what you see now….stay in a place of expectation!
Psalms 75:6-7

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You Have Been Beguiled.

Beguiled; charm, attract, enchant, entrance, win over, woo, captivate, bewitch, spellbind, dazzle, hypnotize, mesmerize, seduce
The Lord impressed on me, that many of you are in wrong relationships with people. What you thought was a good thing and sent by God was actually a distraction from the enemy. You would have known that had you been walking in the spirit and not in the flesh. We cannot make flesh decisions and then expect God to bless us.
The enemy is very good at playing us and using our weaknesses and our emotions to get us into places and relationships that God did not ordain. We are so desperate for love, attention, recognition, and security, that we lose our better judgement and commit to things that were never Gods best for our lives. Trust me, I have had my fare share of bad relationships with men, friends, and pastors.
This is truly a season where we need to be willing to make the hard decisions in order to move ahead in what God has for our lives. Many of you feel stuck, desperate and hopeless. That’s because you are under a controlling seducing spirit! That was never Gods intent for you.
But Praise God, He will release you, if you are ready. But you must submit.
Don’t you understand that there is no demon in hell or man on earth that can stop what God has planned for your life? That’s why it is so important to release everything and everyone in your life to God to allow Him to sift anything that needs to be sifted.
Be encouraged in knowing, “That ALL things work for the good of those who love the lord and are called according to HIs purpose.”
-Romans 8:28
So, that is our promise of knowing, that no matter what wrong choices we have made, God will use it for our good. I consider every relationship good or bad training ground, I never look at them as “all bad.” Because many of those failed relationships, have made me who I am today. Stronger, wiser, more humble.
I hear the Lord say, “There is grace in this season as I lead you and guide you into the things I have for you. But it is going to require trust, and letting go of everything you know, for a life that I have planned. Will you trust me to have the best plan for your life and will you release everything to me, all the bad and that which is good? For I am the God who restores and I want to restore what the enemy has taken. but you must be willing to release everything to me, to know what I truly have for you. Trust me as I guide you in this new season.”
Let us pray.
Father I come before you and I ask that you would help us to release everything into your care. Forgive us Father for not waiting on you and for responding in the flesh. Remove anything from our lives that is not your best. Remove our thoughts and desires and replace them with your heart for us. We only want what you have for us. So give us strength as we trust you during this time of transition. Help us to see that not everything that is good is your best, teach us Father to walk in your spirit and not in our flesh. We give you praise for this new season and the new thing that you are doing in our lives, not our will Father but Thy will be done. In Jesus name we pray, Amen.
beguiled #newseason #newalignments #spiritwalking #trustHim.

God is Giving you Spiritual Racing Blinders


Things are really starting to pick up in the spirit. I can hear the sounds of horses as they are getting ready to be released from a starting gate. The hooves dancing in place ready to run. Their breath hot and heavy with excitement. There is a sense of urgency, and anticipation to be released.

You have been preparing for this for a very long time. You have been in training for years. You are finally ready! You know what you are supposed to do, you finally know what all that training was for. It was for this moment in time. This race, that has been set before you.

You were once a wild stallion, but you needed to be bridled. You needed to be broke in. So, you could learn how to be led, how to be trained, how to carry weight, how to keep your tongue in check.

The Lord has given you a free spirit for a reason. But without training a free spirit can often go rogue. It takes time and patience to teach an old pony new tricks. Friends get ready because the Lord has prepared the way, He has set things in motion and your about to take off. The Lord has given you blinders. As I began writing this, I had no idea why God was using Horses as an analogy, but the Lord led me to something that is incredible, and I just love how He works.

Horses are spooked easily by nature and can often run off at the first sign of danger. If you cover a horse’s head during fearful times they will be led easily and be encouraged to take a chance they wouldn’t normally take.

Racehorses are given blinders for the purpose of keeping them focused when racing. Blinders keep the horse’s eye focused on what is ahead, rather than what is at the side or behind. If a horse decides to take a different route, it will simply take the jockey with it, so this can pose problems. Skittish racehorses are fitted with blinders for their own safety and the jockey’s safety.

The Lord has been leading you and encouraging you to take steps you would not normally make. He is now fitting you with blinders. We often pray Lord, help me not to look to the left or to the right. God is answering that prayer. He is giving you spiritual racing blinders. So, in this season you will not be distracted by what’s going on around you. You will not look back at what has happened since you left the starting gate. You will not look back at who is behind you. You will run your own race. You will stay the course, you will stay focused, you will keep moving ahead. Do not fear that you have been in this race before and lost.

The Lord would say to you, “Be of good courage my child for I have prepared this time, I have prepared this moment. It is your moment. There is no more question as to whether I am doing a thing, for I am here to declare that it is done. I have completed that thing which I said I would do, now you must trust me as I lead you to the finish line. You will not only win, but you will lead many others into victory. For I have great plans for you and great celebration lies ahead.”

Friends, your training has not been in vain. All the times you prayed, you fasted in secret, you stood during great storms, God is now going to reward you openly. I hear the Lord say, “There is no more waiting, the shot has been fired, it’s time to run.”

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