Irrational Fear…is just that. Irrational.

Irrational Fear is just that….Irrational.

Today I woke up with a sense of urgency. A sense that it was time to get serious about the Fathers Business. I have an idea of what that means for me and it is exciting. With that said, I want to share something with you. God speaks to me very plainly, in simple things really. I guess its because I am a simple girl. I am going to share a simple yet powerful message.

The definition for irrational is this: groundless, baseless, illogical, unjustifiable, unreasonable. Bottom line, it doesn’t make sense.

The devil has for too long used this as a a tactic to keep us bound up, afraid to move, standing on the shore line afraid to get our feet wet. And the saddest part about this is we have bought this, hook line and sinker!

Yesterday I spent the day at the lake with my family. We took the boat out and just enjoyed our day. My 2 youngest sons were playing on the shore line next to the boat that was docked. The water appeared to be deep to the natural eye, but I knew it wasn’t. So, I walked out to show them that they could easily stand in the water further away from shore. My youngest quickly came, playing, laughing and amazed that he could stand up so far away from the shore. He wasn’t afraid because I told him it was okay.

My middle son was very scared. He was clinging to the boat, reluctant to even get passed his ankles. I kept encouraging him and telling him it was okay. I continued to try and get him to step further out for quite some time, but he was so afraid. I asked him, “Branson, what are you afraid of, can you tell me?”

He couldn’t. He didn’t even know himself. I then said, “Branson, your not afraid of water, your not afraid of weeds, the only thing you could be afraid of is the unknown.” His behavior was completely irrational, he was shaking, and terrified. I spent a good 20 minutes coaxing my son to come away from the shore line and play. It was safe, it was fun. I assured him I was there and he would be okay. He watched as his little brother was enjoying the freedom of not being on the bank.

He finally was encouraged enough to come to me. Where he soon realized it was safe, it was fun. I could be trusted. He began to splash and play enjoying the water. He looked to me and said, “thanks mom, you helped me overcome my fears.”

WOW..the simplicity of that was profound. The Holy Spirit quickened my spirit showing me, that same spirit of irrational fear has gripped Gods people. It feels real but it is not. Many of us have been called out into ministries that terrify us. We have been asked to step out in faith and trust God for the next step, yet we stand immobilized from fear. We fear change, we fear failure, we fear rejection, we fear the unknown.

For some of us, anxiety and fear has gripped us so tightly that we stand on the banks of what we know, to avoid stepping out into the Un-known waters.

God is a good Father and He can be trusted. He stands in the waters (like I did) calling out to us. Encouraging us to trust Him, to step out into the waters with Him. Just like I would never ask my sons to do anything that I didn’t already know they could do. Neither will our Heavenly Father. If, God is calling out to you, it is because He already knows that you are capable of what He is asking.

He is calling you out into a place of trust, of faith and learning to overcome your fears. Friends, anything God has for us is going to be far greater than any temporary fear we may have. But if we want the best that God has for us, we must learn to do it afraid.

I shutter to think of a life spent on the banks of fear. I will choose to live a life of faith. Even when fear grips my heart, I will do it afraid.-Gypsy Dallas-Smith

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