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August 2016

SPEAK LIFE…your listening.

HAPPY HUMP DAY FRIENDS:) Remember you are Beautiful and you are loved!  Be good to yourself today. Be kind with your words, thoughts & actions. Your body will do what you tell it! So choose wisely. If you say, “your fat, your ugly, your never going to lose weight”. Guess what??….But. if you tell yourself, “your strong, your beautiful and you are getting stronger everyday.” Guess what? ? That’s right! Your mind, emotions, body cooperate with what you speak. So start speaking life today. Because you are so much stronger than you think you are. Have an amazing day!

Watch Out!

‚Äč***As I sat scrolling through FB this morning, my heart ached seeing all the frustrated people. Bitter about, life in general. And it made me realize how Good the enemy is at distracting us. You see the Devil desires that we never reach our potential for Gods purpose in our lives. He desires that we always fall short of the promises of God through continuous failure & compromise. He wants to shame us, weigh us down, and keep us in a place of discouragement and discontent. Ultimately to keep us from our goal of knowing God more. Satans mission is to separate you from God using ANY means necessary, including distractions from family, jobs & busyness of life.

 His ultimate goal is to stunt the growth of the kingdom of God by keeping Gods people, weak, powerless and distracted. People may ask, how do I defeat him, how do I stay more focused? Answer: As you spend time with God it is then that you absorb His nature and power and the ability to recognize the enemies tactics. That’s how you beat him at his own game!***

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