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February 2017

Divinely Discontent

Are you divinely discontent? Do you feel restless with anticipation of what’s to come? Do you feel change coming, even though nothing has changed in the natural? 
Dont worry, Your not crazy! 
God is moving and preparing blueprints for His people.  Don’t lose hope. Don’t get discouraged. You are restless for a reason. You were not made to settle. But to come up higher!
 Some of you will experience  a spiritual upgrade. Some of you will take up new territory in the spirit, while some of you will be relocated to a new physical territory.
You have outgrown your environment and it’s time to move forward in the New things God has. Trust Him as He leads. Anything new He gives you will supercede anything you leave behind. Question is; “Are you willing to let go of the familiar, in order to receive the New God is calling you into?”
*It’s time to launch out. Your not crazy. It’s simply, that your soul knows when it’s onto something.

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You will find Grace

Speaking from past experience, let me encourage you. No one knows what you experience behind closed doors. No one has to live with your struggles, your pain, your tears.

If ever you find yourself in an abusive relationship, don’t ever feel guilty for doing what you know is right! 
Don’t stay, “til the kids are grown”

Don’t stay, for religious reasons. 

Don’t stay, out of fear of “how am I going to make it financially. ”

Don’t stay out of, “feeling sorry for them.”
I was bound for 17 years by all of those things, until Jesus let me know it was never ok to be treated that way. And while it’s true, he doesn’t like divorce, because it hurts families.
He never created marriage to be abusive or unhealthy. He never created it to keep us bound, controlled or manipulated.  That was never His design! 
However, the devil uses it every day to keep men and women bound to abusive people, by convincing them they have to stay out of religious obligation. That’s wrong,  wrong, wrong!!
When you discover the heart of the Father. You will learn what true LOVE feels like, you will learn His will. Many times we marry the wrong people for the wrong reasons, because it feels good, looks good. And then we suffer the consequences. But truth is IF we had waited on God instead of acting in the flesh, we wouldn’t be in these horrible relationships!
So I encourage you, never stay bound to someone who is abusive out of religious obligation. That’s a lie straight from hell!
 Trust God, and He will make a way where there seems to be no way! His will is good. His plans for your life are good. There is still hope. You are loved more than you know and it grieves God’s heart when we suffer at the hands of another. He’s not mad at you. It’s not your fault. You won’t go to hell. But you will find Grace. 

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Good morning friends, I just wanted to encourage you this morning. I just felt led to speak life into you today. I don’t know what you are facing, but God does. He wants you to remember that you are not alone and you are not forgotten. I know when your walking through the pain, It is so hard to see the light at the end. Some of you have been going through the same battle for years, and you have become so depressed and you have just accepted that, that is how things are supposed to be. 

That my friends, is simply not true. God wants the best for you. “So then why hasn’t God done anything about my situation??” You ask. Well I cant tell you why God allows certain things to happen to people. But I can tell you that He is good. That His plan is good. That His love for you is without limits. That He wants nothing but the best for you.  I sit today with a thankful heart and on the other side of pain.  But for many years I was an un-happy person. I was depressed and hated my life. In fact I didn’t want to kill myself, because I was too scared to face the consequences and I didn’t want to leave my kids without their momma.  However there were many nights I would just cry and pray that I could just go to sleep and never wake up. (Spiritual Suicide if you will)
 Most people didn’t know that because I never shared my troubles, I was the one who everyone else came to for support. Very few people knew my pain. But God did. I learned to PRAISE my way through my situation, I learned to make the best of what I had. I learned to speak to those things that are not as though they were! But things didn’t change until I did. When you have the faith to believe that things will change, then they will. But you have to walk it out. God says to you today…” I know the plans I have for you…you don’t have to be afraid, you don’t have to worry…the plans I have for you are good, trust me, believe that I am good and that I love you, for I am making a way, my plans may be hidden from you, but my presence is never far away, draw near to me and see that I am good, for I have come to give you life and to give it more abundantly, trust me for I am good.”
I want you to know that there is another side of pain, and it is Good. And if you will BELIEVE that God truly loves you and wants the best for you, you will begin to see the changes. Praise your way out…stop letting the enemy keep you at bay. You have a Purpose and God has a plan. And the enemy would love nothing more than to keep you in a place of defeat. But how bad do you want out of that place of misery? Only you can decide how much is enough. I waited for years on God, it wasn’t until I took the first step of Faith that I saw God move. So while your waiting on God, I hear God saying, ” I am waiting on you.”  Get up, wipe yourself off and even if your scared, do it afraid. I promise you wont be disappointed when you trust God, Because this too shall pass.~ Gypsy

The Year of the Arrows

The Year of the Arrows.

 I love how God works. I was typing an intro for my Blog and began to receive a Word from God as I was typing it. It is a now word for someone.


Friends, we are in a season where God is calling the Prodigal sons and daughters home. We are going to begin to see people being raised up for such a time as this. People covered in tattoos. Homosexuals turning back to the Father. Church hurt families, coming back into the house Of God. The spiritual outcast, the psychics, the druggies, the alcoholics, the dreamers the black sheep. Those turned away by men are being stirred by the heart of Jesus, to come back home. Home…not a religion but a place of freedom and hope. Mighty men and women being used like a sharpened arrow that when ready, God is going to sling back and hit the enemy in his camp. What the devil mean for evil shall be used for good. So get ready, cause ready or not its happening even as I type this! God is moving in unprecedented ways and I am so excited to be a part of this!


Church as we know it is going to look completely different than what it does now. We will continue to have traditional churches. But in addition we are going to have “hubs”. They are popping up even now. The religious preachers will not be able to reach this new generation. It will be the outcast that draw the people in by the authenticity of their oil. People are looking for the real thing. So 3 point messages and talented worship teams and Pastors that release the congregation promptly at 11am, will need to adjust some things to be able to keep up with what God is doing in this new season.


This new generation wont care how good your message is, how talented your worship team is, or how comfy your padded pews are. They will simply want to know one thing, “Is Jesus there?”


Glory. Get ready friends. And don’t be surprised when your tatted, homosexual friend gets filled with the spirit and begins to prophecy the word of the Lord over you!

There is no sin too great. there is no one Righteous. Not one.

Medicate or Evacuate?

​Remember to surround yourself with positive people who lift you up and encourage you to dream bigger.  If your surrounded by judgemental critical people, it will suck the life out of you. Even small minded, people who don’t know any better can damage you.
 Maybe it’s time you expand your circle of influence. It’s possible you don’t need to medicate,  but rather evacuate!!

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Answer the Call

​Have you ever had such a burning desire, something so deep within your bones you can’t shake it? The kind that has you up at night. You don’t know exactly what it is, but it’s like fire shut up in your bones. You know you were made for more, you know you were meant to live a life of purpose. Everything in you is screaming, “When God? When are, you going to release me?” “When will I no longer be a cave dweller?
You know God speaks, because you have intimate conversations with Him. It is in that secret place that He whispers the secret things to your soul and you excitedly write them down somewhere. You know that if you were to ignore the feelings in your heart you would die. You would commit spiritual suicide.  

Your body would live, but your spirit would be crushed. You know the only way to find true happiness, true fulfillment no matter how scary, is to do the very thing that scares you the most.

Answer the Call.
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