The Year of the Arrows

The Year of the Arrows.

 I love how God works. I was typing an intro for my Blog and began to receive a Word from God as I was typing it. It is a now word for someone.


Friends, we are in a season where God is calling the Prodigal sons and daughters home. We are going to begin to see people being raised up for such a time as this. People covered in tattoos. Homosexuals turning back to the Father. Church hurt families, coming back into the house Of God. The spiritual outcast, the psychics, the druggies, the alcoholics, the dreamers the black sheep. Those turned away by men are being stirred by the heart of Jesus, to come back home. Home…not a religion but a place of freedom and hope. Mighty men and women being used like a sharpened arrow that when ready, God is going to sling back and hit the enemy in his camp. What the devil mean for evil shall be used for good. So get ready, cause ready or not its happening even as I type this! God is moving in unprecedented ways and I am so excited to be a part of this!


Church as we know it is going to look completely different than what it does now. We will continue to have traditional churches. But in addition we are going to have “hubs”. They are popping up even now. The religious preachers will not be able to reach this new generation. It will be the outcast that draw the people in by the authenticity of their oil. People are looking for the real thing. So 3 point messages and talented worship teams and Pastors that release the congregation promptly at 11am, will need to adjust some things to be able to keep up with what God is doing in this new season.


This new generation wont care how good your message is, how talented your worship team is, or how comfy your padded pews are. They will simply want to know one thing, “Is Jesus there?”


Glory. Get ready friends. And don’t be surprised when your tatted, homosexual friend gets filled with the spirit and begins to prophecy the word of the Lord over you!

There is no sin too great. there is no one Righteous. Not one.

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