You will find Grace

Speaking from past experience, let me encourage you. No one knows what you experience behind closed doors. No one has to live with your struggles, your pain, your tears.

If ever you find yourself in an abusive relationship, don’t ever feel guilty for doing what you know is right! 
Don’t stay, “til the kids are grown”

Don’t stay, for religious reasons. 

Don’t stay, out of fear of “how am I going to make it financially. ”

Don’t stay out of, “feeling sorry for them.”
I was bound for 17 years by all of those things, until Jesus let me know it was never ok to be treated that way. And while it’s true, he doesn’t like divorce, because it hurts families.
He never created marriage to be abusive or unhealthy. He never created it to keep us bound, controlled or manipulated.  That was never His design! 
However, the devil uses it every day to keep men and women bound to abusive people, by convincing them they have to stay out of religious obligation. That’s wrong,  wrong, wrong!!
When you discover the heart of the Father. You will learn what true LOVE feels like, you will learn His will. Many times we marry the wrong people for the wrong reasons, because it feels good, looks good. And then we suffer the consequences. But truth is IF we had waited on God instead of acting in the flesh, we wouldn’t be in these horrible relationships!
So I encourage you, never stay bound to someone who is abusive out of religious obligation. That’s a lie straight from hell!
 Trust God, and He will make a way where there seems to be no way! His will is good. His plans for your life are good. There is still hope. You are loved more than you know and it grieves God’s heart when we suffer at the hands of another. He’s not mad at you. It’s not your fault. You won’t go to hell. But you will find Grace. 

#godslove #toxicrelationships #abusivemarriage #divorce 


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