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March 2017


Understand the devil is going to use any means necessary to discourage you and get you to retreat!!
Many of you have seen how God is making room for my gifts of writing and I am excited and humbled that He is. I was sharing with a loved one about my excitement of one of my articles being published, rather than responding with joy, they immediately attacked the photo that has been used. They begin to make fun of my picture asking why I would use that photo. “That’s not your best photo.” “You should have let me pick it, that’s not a very good picture at all, how many people see it?” I was in shock, disappointed, hurt and certainly didn’t want to share what I had written.
 Clearly my face showed my disgust with their comments. They replied by saying they were only kidding. laughing it off. It was still hurtful. But I forgave them and let it go. A few days later I shared how another article had been released. I had changed the picture this time hoping it was better than the last. To which there first comment AGAIN was about my appearance. 
You see, while it is hurtful and made me feel bad for a moment. I KNOW….the devil is going to use anyone he can to get me to withdraw and go back into that cave. Just like he will for you. ANYTIME we step out and start doing what God has called us to do. He will attack. He will attack your character, your vanity, your work, your gifts, your home. Whatever he can get you sidetracked by. Understand, its an attack!! And rather than staying angry with the person who was so foolish, to say hurtful things. Get mad at the enemy. It may take you down for a moment, but don’t let it keep you down. 

Come up swinging!! 

I refuse to go back into that Cave. I am going to make the devil sorry he ever messed with me. I will do that by doing all that God has called me to, writing more, sharing more, giving more. I encourage you to be wise to the enemies tactics and rather than stay down, you need to come up swinging!!

The Pain of Change

Which is worse: the pain of change or the pain of never changing? –Joyce Meyers

Recently I read that statement and I realized she was on to something. How many times have we chosen to stay somewhere because we were afraid to move? For those of us that have a heart for Jesus, we find ourselves not wanting to step out, because we are so afraid of making the wrong decision. We wait and we wait, waiting for God to move. However, God says, “I know your waiting on me, but my beloved, I am waiting on you.”

We are so afraid of making a mistake that we don’t move at all. Friends, I really believe that if we want all that God has for us, we are going to have to step out where it is a little uncomfortable and even a little scary. After all, that is where the blessings are!

The Word says that, “without faith it is impossible to please Him.”

Hebrews 11:6. We have to have faith that God is going to carry us. Even, if we do make a mistake, it will be perfected in Christ Jesus.

Recently I was speaking to a mentor and she asked me what I was afraid of. I simply said, “I am afraid of making a mistake.” She says to me, “Why is it that when we were in the world we are not afraid to say or do what we want, but somehow when we come to Christ we are so afraid, we don’t move to do anything.”

Friends, you can’t live in fear and have the kind of life God wants for you.  Sometimes, your destiny is going to cause you to step into places that are not comfortable. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake, if you do, it won’t be wasted. God wastes nothing. Everything will be perfected for HIS glory. Here’s something else I learned recently. When blessings come to you SUDDENLY and things begin to happen very quickly. You’re left wondering how it could be happening? Now God can certainly provide a Suddenly without any effort on our part. But more times I have found that it was out of the intimacy with Him that prayers were answered. Intimacy was designed to produce life. Even in the natural.

Your suddenly, has been delicately crafted from the very first time you spoke it out loud and asked God for it. It’s just your prayers are now bearing fruit. God does answer our prayers and sometimes it takes a while and sometimes its suddenly. But if you have been asking God for change in your life, remember, change produces growth, and growth requires stretching.

Although it may be temporarily painful, for you to be all that God created you for, it is going to mean allowing Him to make changes in your life. Even when your flesh says, “this hurts, I don’t understand.” Those changes will always require trust and faith. Be blessed my friends and know that God loves you too much to let you stay the way you are. As you step out in faith God will lead you into incredible things.—



I Speak To Those Dry Bones…

I call out to those dry bones come alive!!


I declare and decree in Jesus name that this is your NEW season. The old is passing away and God is releasing a new sound.

 Hear what the Lord would say to you today, “My child do not grow weary in well doing, I have seen your sacrifice, I have seen your tears. I am making a way for you, I am making room for your gifts and talents. But you must follow when I say, “come” for I am taking you to a new place, a place you do not know of. You will be uncomfortable, it will be new. You will have to learn again. You will have to make new connections. But this place is making room for you even now. They are preparing for your arrival, although they don’t even know it yet. They will be expecting you when you arrive. This new place will birth forth the promises that I have made to you over the years. Your tears, your prayers, your sacrifices did not go un-noticed, for I heard them all. Those dreams you thought were yours, are not yours. I placed them there. They are my will and because you have been obedient to my will, even in the face of great opposition I am going to pour out more that you can comprehend. You will have joy again, you will speak again. Your voice will carry, your voice will speak life, your voice will speak my words. These words will set my children free from oppression. For I have delivered you and you will now help deliver them. Open your mouth I say, Open your mouth. Do not fear man. Reverence me, for I am the only one who can call you. I am the only one who can equip you. I am the only that can stop this. Remember this day, remember this moment, remember where you are, for you will soon look back in awe of what I have done. What would take years is now taking months. Expect, blessings, expect joy, expect hope. Put your trust in me for it is happening quickly and suddenly. There will be no looking back. Trust me as I lead”

Sheep of A Different Color

I recently was having one of those one sided conversations with God. You know the ones? Where you tell Him all your troubles and you just let off a little steam? Well it was one of those days. It was the kind of day where you just feel completely alone and like you don’t fit in anywhere.

During my conversation with God I asked Him why I didn’t fit in. Why since as far back as I could remember I had not fit in anywhere I had been. I moved around a lot growing up and so I was always the new kid. So naturally, you never feel like you fit in. And as an adult that feeling never left me.

Well, it was in my quiet time that God gently reminded me that I didn’t fit in, because I wasn’t made to fit in! I wasn’t from here; this was only my temporary home. Imagine my relief, finally an answer. Finally, some understanding as to why I always felt like the black sheep. I felt different because I WAS different. I stood out because I was supposed to stand out.

 I was made in His image. Not images I see on T.V and images I was made to believe were beautiful. No. I was made in the image of the Most High God. I don’t belong here. I’m not like everyone else. I’m supposed to be different. And guess what? If you are a child of God you don’t belong here either.

Wow, that really does explain a lot doesn’t it? I mean it explains why when we walk in a room everyone stares at us. And you feel like you got toilet paper on your shoe or something on your face. It explains why some people who don’t even know us automatically decide that they don’t like us, for reasons even they understand.

But through that understanding, I learned something far more impressive. I learned that I wasn’t alone in my pasture of sheep; in fact, I was amongst other black sheep as well. Lots of them. We all have a different look, a different sound but we are the black sheep. Friends, we don’t fit in because we’re not supposed to! We were made like Christ and because of that we will never quite fit in. We will always look similar to those around us but we will never be like them, unless we choose to let go of the one who created us. And I don’t know about you but I have been in that other pasture and it might be greener, but it’s not the real thing!!

Its Astro turf! It looks pretty but it can’t feed you. How’s that for a metaphor? It looks good but it isn’t. It is deceptive. I choose to stay on my side of the fence, the side where it’s safe and there’s a Sheppard on duty 24hrs a day. Friends, you will never completely feel like you fit in anywhere. Not while we live on this earth. When we get to Heaven then and only then will we know that we are home and we are in our rightful place. Then, we will have that true sense of belonging. But until then, I will trust my Sheppard to always remind me that I belong to Him and I will learn to love who I am in Him. Even, if I am a sheep of a different color.

Are You Willing To Let GO?


Today a friend of mine who knows I am a believer, but also knows me as a Personal Trainer asked me, out of genuine concern if I was ok. She said I seemed kind of in a funk. She said that she noticed that most of my post are leaning towards the God side of things and less on training. I admitted I probably was in a little bit of a funk because I have been struggling with health issues and injuries that have left me unable to do the things I love, which is work out avidly.  I also have quit training for now because of my injuries.

I have since gained some weight back that I have worked so hard to keep off over the last 4 years. If you know my story, you know it’s been a long journey of obesity. However, I told her that writing was my outlet. Because I could not Train others or work out myself it allowed me a way to express myself.

When I got home I began to think to myself, am I appearing to be too religious now? I mean it’s the very thing I fight so hard against. I don’t want to be religious. I want to be known as a lover of Jesus who offers hope. But to some, I understand it may appear that way. I am ok with that. But as I was pondering, God spoke to my heart and said. “Gypsy, you’re not the same. You are different.” I began to really think about it. It’s true. You cannot spend time in His presence and walk away the same. It’s impossible. His love will change you forever.

 But I will admit, I did not understand why I was struggling so much and why God was taking things from me that I loved.

It was during that down time of being injured that I drew closer to God than ever before. I begin to cry out more. I begin to focus on Him more and myself less. I began fasting more, praying more, writing more. I was thrilled that I no longer had clients that took up my time, as much as I loved helping them. Because, now I was free to write and spend more time with Him. I missed the money. I missed the feeling of empowerment I had knowing I was helping others. I missed constantly being in the Gym and pushing weights around. But I found out I liked my intimacy with Jesus more. And I think that’s what He was after all alongJ

God has taken me so much deeper over the last 6 months. He’s shown me things, let me experience things like never before. I don’t know if God will release me to  train the physical body again. But He certainly is using me to train others spiritually. Rather than get discouraged about it, I am going to rejoice knowing I still get to make a difference.

He has opened my Prophetic Voice and He has made room for my gifts of writing and encouraging. For that, I am grateful. Friends, in this new season we are in, God is going to test you and see where your heart really is. Are you willing to let go of the things you love, the things that are comfortable to move forward in the things of God? It’s a time of releasing and trusting. Remember, whatever you give up, will fail in comparison to what God has in store for you!

 So, while at first I questioned if I was being too religious because I seemed different to others who knew me. I realize now, it was the best compliment she could have given me. To recognize that I was not the same.

I was in fact, changed.

I bless you today I pray you are encouraged.

Happy First Day Of Spring!

  • flowers
    Oh how I LOVE Spring….
    Today marks a NEW Season. Just as it is in the natural, so it is in the spirit. Get ready for life to spring Forth.
    Those things you thought were dead, simply layed dormant, they will now spring Forth. Things you may have even forgotten about.
    I remember one time I had planted some wildflower seeds, they were in an old box I had found. I thought, ” well I’m just going to see if they grow.” So I scattered them all over a small area of my yard that was barren. They didn’t grow for a long time and I had forgotten all about them. Then one year, after a good rain, I had theses amazing wildflowers. I remember thinking, “wow I forgot all about planting those.”
    We are in that kind of season now.
    There will be things in your life, in this New Season that will seemingly burst forth out of no where. But in reality they were seeds you had sown and forgot all about! So get ready friends, a New Season begins TODAY.
    #newseason #getreadyforgrowth #happyspring


Sometimes after a bone is broken it doesn’t grow correctly. It becomes out of alignment.

Your mobility is limited and can cause permanent damage if not reset.

When you go the doctor they will have to reset the bone. This is painful but necessary for the bone to grow back correctly. 

Some of you need to be (reset) you have been broken and the pain has caused you to be out of alignment. Your limited and if not reset it can cause your growth to be stunted and cause permanent damage!

God is realigning and resetting many of you this season. The great physician loves you too much to let you stay broken. Trust Him as He heals those broken places. Trust Him as He aligns you with the right people, in the right places during this time!

Your going to come out of this completely healed without any permanent damage, but it will require a trip to the Doctor first!

Are you ready to be reset?


In January 2015 during a 21 day Daniel Fast the Lord spoke to my heart and said,

 “Prepare yourself over the next 2 years.” I had no idea what that meant. Over the last 2 years I’ve spent a lot of time on inner healing, forgiveness, self development and consecration. Even my physical body has undergone some much needed changes. 
I even began to write again after a long hard season.
Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve done everything God wanted me to do, but I hope He is pleased.

So I have such expectancy, such hope, such anticipation of what is coming this year.

Friends, we are truly in a NEW Season. It’s time to get your hopes up, it’s time to Dream again. For years you have been obedient, waiting for your promises. 
This is that year! God says, “Dream with me and dream big, for I am about to accomplish ALL that I promised you in the secret place. All that you are hoping and beliving for will come to pass, for your dreams are my dreams, I placed them there. Do not grow weary my child for you are no longer an orphan, but your are my heir and I will with hold nothing from you.”
Be blessed friends, for you WE’RE Born for such a time as this!

If You Were The Enemy, Who Would You Use?

Wow, that comment alone is powerful. I woke up feeling so frustrated and misunderstood. Crying out to God because I didn’t understand why those closest to me, don’t understand me or the path God has me on. I had an incredible encounter with God and a drug addicted homeless woman just days before and was on high. God used me to speak life into her and pray the prayer of repentance. She received Christ that day.

But today, today is different. I feel alone, I feel lost. I feel sad. As I was crying out to God asking Him “Why?” I don’t understand. I don’t get, why they don’t get me. God reminded me this morning that I would be misunderstood, I would be rejected, I would feel alone. But I would never be alone.

I was under spiritual attack. You see, the enemy has had over 2000 years to figure out that inner workings of mankind. Their faults, their weaknesses. He knows exactly what buttons to push and when.

I want you to be keenly aware that the enemy will use those closest to you to bring despair, self-doubt, hopelessness, rejection and anything else he can do to silence you. I mean if you were the enemy who would you use? It makes sense. The world can tell us we are ridiculous and that we are freaks, and chances are it barely phases you, if at all.  But if someone we loved told us that, it would hurt us. It could make us withdraw and second guess everything the Lord has spoken to us in the secret place.

Friends, the enemy will use those closest to you! Your children, parents, best friends and even your spouse to speak doubt into you. Their disbelief can easily start to take root. It will bring confusion and self-doubt that you can even hear from God at all. It can make you question, the work you do and the heart you have ,to see others set free. It doesn’t mean they are possessed or not saved. It simply means, they don’t have understanding. They most likely are speaking out of a place of pain and hope deferred. They don’t get you, because they don’t get, “God.”

Have you ever met someone that was so critical of everything and had a bitter spirit? Someone, that no matter what you said they wanted to debate the validity of anything pertaining to the goodness of God?

I know I have and it can seem hopeless at times. But our job is not to debate or judge them but rather love them.

But it is also our job to guard what God has put in our hearts. To recognize the enemy when he comes and know that this is not about you, but what God is wanting to do THROUGH you! Hold tight and know that God will make a way where there seems to be no way!  Also, know some of those people that don’t get you, will not be going with you to the next level. Do not pitch a tent and grieve over the loss. Know that God has a plan and it is good. He is going to do far above anything you could ever ask. Be blessed my friends, this is just the beginning of something truly amazing!



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