Anchored but Not Bound


I hear the voice of the Lord and He is saying, “Now is not a time to get discouraged. I know you feel tied down, you feel bound up and ready to run. Be still my child, in the right moment I will release you. You are eager to get started and that pleases me, but I still need to finish what I started. Have I not said I have gone before you and I am making a way? I am. Where you are going is going to require precision and accuracy. It is going to require many to stand in the gap for you and be your armor bearers.

Right now, you are without covering and If I were to release you, the enemy would devour you. I have kept you hidden, for such a time as this. When it is time, I will release you, for you are my sharpened arrow and I have kept you hidden on purpose. For the enemy knows I have a plan, but only I know this plan. Remember there is no demon in hell or man on earth that can stop my plans.

You feel as if you have been kept bound by your circumstances, but I am here to remind you that you have simply been anchored. Just as a ship must stay anchored, to avoid going adrift with no captain. You too are being anchored. An anchor is never meant to be permanent, but rather to keep a ship steady in position. When the time is right I will lift the Anchor and send you out. Do not grow restless in the waiting, do not try and lift your anchor before I have done all that I need to do. Trust me as I guide you. Stay Anchored to me. You will know when it is time, it will be made clear.”anchored
#propheticword #stayanchored #itwontbelong #getreadytosetsail

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