Spring Forth

SpringSpring is coming. It’s on the way. These flowers appeared nearly overnight in my yard.
The shoots were up but no life was evident.
God whispered to my heart after taking this picture.
I sense many of you have been in a winter season for a very long time. A time where your roots went deep, but you were in hiding.
I hear the Lord saying, “Get ready to bare beautiful fruit, get ready to SPRING forth.
Get ready. Get ready, Get ready.
You have been in a long dry season, but you are about to spring forward. It will be a suddenly. When you felt, alone and forgotten, it was in that secret placed I ministered to you, I spoke to your heart and you felt my love for you.
You have asked me, “how much longer Lord.” I heard your cries, but your roots needed to go deep, for where I am about to take you will surprise even you. You will ask, “did that really just happen?” For many of you, your soil is dried up and it’s time to be transplanted to fresh new soil. Don’t be afraid for I have prepared the way for you. I have gone before you.
Get ready. I am truly doing a new thing. That restlessness in your heart was placed there by me, so you wouldn’t get too comfortable where you are. Trust me as I take you on a detour. A shortcut that will spring you forward in this New Season. Get ready, for as the flowers and trees begin to bloom for all to see. My fruit in you will truly be a beauty to behold!”

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