I love how God reveals things to us. Sometimes we can be ministering to someone else and God will quicken your heart and say, “uh, hem that’s for you too.”

Many of you have come out of a long wilderness season and you felt as if your gifts had dried up along with your weary heart. Many of you wondering if you’re ever going to be released into ministry again. The Lord is saying,

 “I have been preparing you in the wilderness, on the back side of the desert for such a time as this. You needed to be under the safety of my wings as your soul was being healed and while your wings were being mended. I have not forgotten you nor have I forsaken you. For you are mine and with you I am well pleased. Please be patient as I prepare the way for you. The gifts I have given you are great and they serve a mighty purpose. I will use you to break yokes and destroy the ploys of the enemy. I will use you to release the captives of oppression and depression. My sons and daughters need deliverance and I am sending you with my heart, with my words, with my power to free them. Together we will accomplish great things. The way you did things in the past will not work in this new season. For I am doing a new thing.

You have gone from milk to meat and where I once hand fed you, now will require faith and obedience to my voice. Spending time with me in my presence is the only way to know for sure who is speaking to your heart. For there is so much going on around you, it can easily become a distraction. My child do not look to the left or to the right. Look only to me. Do not doubt who I have called you to be, Do not doubt the words I have spoken to your heart. Go back. Go back and read what I spoke to your heart during those intimate moments with me. There, my child you will see that I have been with you and I have been speaking to you and you can hear from me. You know my voice. Did I not say my children would know my voice? Then why do you doubt that? Trust me as I lead you into this new season of unexpected surprises. Trust me as I make room for your gifts. Trust me as I align you with the right people. Trust that you know me and you can hear my voice. For I am speaking and you are listening. You are my yielded vessel to whom I am well pleased my child and I love you.

John 10:27 (NKJV)

 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”