God is opening your womb

This Dream is for someone..

God is opening your womb for you to conceive a child.
Since the beginning of October I have had some pretty amazing dreams. They have all been ministry related. (Considering, I am not in ministry it’s even more exciting) Deliverance, Intercession and healing. But this one dream I have not been able to shake and felt that it was for someone, perhaps someone I don’t even know. This is also for anyone willing to receive it by Faith. 
In my dream, I saw a man (a pastor) wearing blue jeans, a pink sweater and a ball cap. He was standing on a stage preaching. He had some kind of accent, Australian perhaps. I then saw his beautiful wife, she had very light blonde hair and long tan legs, she was laying on a piece of what looked like white butcher paper. On the paper, off to the sides of her were lines and on those lines were words that I knew to be the things that were wrong with her physically. There were quite a few, but I could only make out one of the words and it said, “Endometriosis.” I had a sense that she had been trying to conceive for at least 3 years. I then heard the Lord speak and tell me to go pray for her. In my heart I knew that was a big thing and said, “But, Lord”. 
I then heard Him say, “Go and pray for her and tell her she is going to give birth to a son and she is to call Him Emmanuel.” I then saw the cutest little boy with light blonde hair, tan skin and the palest blue eyes. He continued by saying, “Go pray for her and next month she will call you and tell you she is pregnant.”

So I believe that Dream is for someone trying to conceive. You don’t have to be the person described in the dream, I believe this will apply to ANYONE willing to receive it by faith.
Dear Heavenly Father, I lift up every broken heart to you today that has struggled with trying to conceive or carry a baby full term. I speak life into your womb, & into your reproductive organs. I say that you will no longer be denied your miracle and that God is giving you the desires of your heart for a child. I rebuke the spirit of fear that would try and steal your joy and your hope for a child. I speak faith into your spirit today to receive this Word. In the mighty name of Jesus.
 I look forward to you connecting with me next month to let me know of your good news!! Blessings friends.

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