If You Were The Enemy, Who Would You Use?

Wow, that comment alone is powerful. I woke up feeling so frustrated and misunderstood. Crying out to God because I didn’t understand why those closest to me, don’t understand me or the path God has me on. I had an incredible encounter with God and a drug addicted homeless woman just days before and was on high. God used me to speak life into her and pray the prayer of repentance. She received Christ that day.

But today, today is different. I feel alone, I feel lost. I feel sad. As I was crying out to God asking Him “Why?” I don’t understand. I don’t get, why they don’t get me. God reminded me this morning that I would be misunderstood, I would be rejected, I would feel alone. But I would never be alone.

I was under spiritual attack. You see, the enemy has had over 2000 years to figure out that inner workings of mankind. Their faults, their weaknesses. He knows exactly what buttons to push and when.

I want you to be keenly aware that the enemy will use those closest to you to bring despair, self-doubt, hopelessness, rejection and anything else he can do to silence you. I mean if you were the enemy who would you use? It makes sense. The world can tell us we are ridiculous and that we are freaks, and chances are it barely phases you, if at all.  But if someone we loved told us that, it would hurt us. It could make us withdraw and second guess everything the Lord has spoken to us in the secret place.

Friends, the enemy will use those closest to you! Your children, parents, best friends and even your spouse to speak doubt into you. Their disbelief can easily start to take root. It will bring confusion and self-doubt that you can even hear from God at all. It can make you question, the work you do and the heart you have ,to see others set free. It doesn’t mean they are possessed or not saved. It simply means, they don’t have understanding. They most likely are speaking out of a place of pain and hope deferred. They don’t get you, because they don’t get, “God.”

Have you ever met someone that was so critical of everything and had a bitter spirit? Someone, that no matter what you said they wanted to debate the validity of anything pertaining to the goodness of God?

I know I have and it can seem hopeless at times. But our job is not to debate or judge them but rather love them.

But it is also our job to guard what God has put in our hearts. To recognize the enemy when he comes and know that this is not about you, but what God is wanting to do THROUGH you! Hold tight and know that God will make a way where there seems to be no way!  Also, know some of those people that don’t get you, will not be going with you to the next level. Do not pitch a tent and grieve over the loss. Know that God has a plan and it is good. He is going to do far above anything you could ever ask. Be blessed my friends, this is just the beginning of something truly amazing! @gypsydallassmith.com



4 Comments on “If You Were The Enemy, Who Would You Use?

      • I don’t think that he would use just anyone. Think strategically. You have a guy who has an insatiable greed and lust for power means you have a lot of ways to manipulate him into doing your bidding and he has a lot of resources at his disposal in order to carry out your plan. There’s also this homeless guy who’s happy to be a nobody and have nothing. Even if you could manipulate him to some degree, there’s pretty much nothing he has that you can use. He’s not really worth the effort. The only reason I can think of for bothering with the latter if it were more about quantity and not quality; then you’d have to expect everyone to be in the enemy’s sway – even the person you see in the mirror. Then you’d have to question every interaction you have with everybody to see if it’s them being genuine, or the enemy using them to get to you. It’d leave you in a terrible place, unable to trust anyone for fear that they’re working for the enemy – look, just don’t give him even more power or even more credit than he already has. If you think that everyone’s working for him, then you’re going to treat everyone like there’s out to get you because he never stops being out to get anyone.That’s no way to live.


      • Thank you for your reply. I dont think he does use everyone. And I certainly don’t look for him in everyone. I do agree with your statement about the wealthy vs the poor. My article was simply based on a very personal level. From my experience he has used those closest to me to bring confusion, distraction, doubt etc.
        It was a reminder to all that he is cunning and can use those we love.
        I give him no extra credit. But I am not naive to his schemes either.


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