• flowers
    Oh how I LOVE Spring….
    Today marks a NEW Season. Just as it is in the natural, so it is in the spirit. Get ready for life to spring Forth.
    Those things you thought were dead, simply layed dormant, they will now spring Forth. Things you may have even forgotten about.
    I remember one time I had planted some wildflower seeds, they were in an old box I had found. I thought, ” well I’m just going to see if they grow.” So I scattered them all over a small area of my yard that was barren. They didn’t grow for a long time and I had forgotten all about them. Then one year, after a good rain, I had theses amazing wildflowers. I remember thinking, “wow I forgot all about planting those.”
    We are in that kind of season now.
    There will be things in your life, in this New Season that will seemingly burst forth out of no where. But in reality they were seeds you had sown and forgot all about! So get ready friends, a New Season begins TODAY.
    #newseason #getreadyforgrowth #happyspring