Are You Willing To Let GO?


Today a friend of mine who knows I am a believer, but also knows me as a Personal Trainer asked me, out of genuine concern if I was ok. She said I seemed kind of in a funk. She said that she noticed that most of my post are leaning towards the God side of things and less on training. I admitted I probably was in a little bit of a funk because I have been struggling with health issues and injuries that have left me unable to do the things I love, which is work out avidly.  I also have quit training for now because of my injuries.

I have since gained some weight back that I have worked so hard to keep off over the last 4 years. If you know my story, you know it’s been a long journey of obesity. However, I told her that writing was my outlet. Because I could not Train others or work out myself it allowed me a way to express myself.

When I got home I began to think to myself, am I appearing to be too religious now? I mean it’s the very thing I fight so hard against. I don’t want to be religious. I want to be known as a lover of Jesus who offers hope. But to some, I understand it may appear that way. I am ok with that. But as I was pondering, God spoke to my heart and said. “Gypsy, you’re not the same. You are different.” I began to really think about it. It’s true. You cannot spend time in His presence and walk away the same. It’s impossible. His love will change you forever.

 But I will admit, I did not understand why I was struggling so much and why God was taking things from me that I loved.

It was during that down time of being injured that I drew closer to God than ever before. I begin to cry out more. I begin to focus on Him more and myself less. I began fasting more, praying more, writing more. I was thrilled that I no longer had clients that took up my time, as much as I loved helping them. Because, now I was free to write and spend more time with Him. I missed the money. I missed the feeling of empowerment I had knowing I was helping others. I missed constantly being in the Gym and pushing weights around. But I found out I liked my intimacy with Jesus more. And I think that’s what He was after all alongJ

God has taken me so much deeper over the last 6 months. He’s shown me things, let me experience things like never before. I don’t know if God will release me to  train the physical body again. But He certainly is using me to train others spiritually. Rather than get discouraged about it, I am going to rejoice knowing I still get to make a difference.

He has opened my Prophetic Voice and He has made room for my gifts of writing and encouraging. For that, I am grateful. Friends, in this new season we are in, God is going to test you and see where your heart really is. Are you willing to let go of the things you love, the things that are comfortable to move forward in the things of God? It’s a time of releasing and trusting. Remember, whatever you give up, will fail in comparison to what God has in store for you!

 So, while at first I questioned if I was being too religious because I seemed different to others who knew me. I realize now, it was the best compliment she could have given me. To recognize that I was not the same.

I was in fact, changed.

I bless you today I pray you are encouraged.

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