I Speak To Those Dry Bones…

I call out to those dry bones come alive!!


I declare and decree in Jesus name that this is your NEW season. The old is passing away and God is releasing a new sound.

 Hear what the Lord would say to you today, “My child do not grow weary in well doing, I have seen your sacrifice, I have seen your tears. I am making a way for you, I am making room for your gifts and talents. But you must follow when I say, “come” for I am taking you to a new place, a place you do not know of. You will be uncomfortable, it will be new. You will have to learn again. You will have to make new connections. But this place is making room for you even now. They are preparing for your arrival, although they don’t even know it yet. They will be expecting you when you arrive. This new place will birth forth the promises that I have made to you over the years. Your tears, your prayers, your sacrifices did not go un-noticed, for I heard them all. Those dreams you thought were yours, are not yours. I placed them there. They are my will and because you have been obedient to my will, even in the face of great opposition I am going to pour out more that you can comprehend. You will have joy again, you will speak again. Your voice will carry, your voice will speak life, your voice will speak my words. These words will set my children free from oppression. For I have delivered you and you will now help deliver them. Open your mouth I say, Open your mouth. Do not fear man. Reverence me, for I am the only one who can call you. I am the only one who can equip you. I am the only that can stop this. Remember this day, remember this moment, remember where you are, for you will soon look back in awe of what I have done. What would take years is now taking months. Expect, blessings, expect joy, expect hope. Put your trust in me for it is happening quickly and suddenly. There will be no looking back. Trust me as I lead”


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