Understand the devil is going to use any means necessary to discourage you and get you to retreat!!
Many of you have seen how God is making room for my gifts of writing and I am excited and humbled that He is. I was sharing with a loved one about my excitement of one of my articles being published, rather than responding with joy, they immediately attacked the photo that has been used. They begin to make fun of my picture asking why I would use that photo. “That’s not your best photo.” “You should have let me pick it, that’s not a very good picture at all, how many people see it?” I was in shock, disappointed, hurt and certainly didn’t want to share what I had written.
 Clearly my face showed my disgust with their comments. They replied by saying they were only kidding. laughing it off. It was still hurtful. But I forgave them and let it go. A few days later I shared how another article had been released. I had changed the picture this time hoping it was better than the last. To which there first comment AGAIN was about my appearance. 
You see, while it is hurtful and made me feel bad for a moment. I KNOW….the devil is going to use anyone he can to get me to withdraw and go back into that cave. Just like he will for you. ANYTIME we step out and start doing what God has called us to do. He will attack. He will attack your character, your vanity, your work, your gifts, your home. Whatever he can get you sidetracked by. Understand, its an attack!! And rather than staying angry with the person who was so foolish, to say hurtful things. Get mad at the enemy. It may take you down for a moment, but don’t let it keep you down. 

Come up swinging!! 

I refuse to go back into that Cave. I am going to make the devil sorry he ever messed with me. I will do that by doing all that God has called me to, writing more, sharing more, giving more. I encourage you to be wise to the enemies tactics and rather than stay down, you need to come up swinging!!

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