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March 2017

God is opening your womb

Called To Lead

Wow, I truly love how God speaks to me through every day experiences. I hear people say all the time, “God doesn’t speak to me, or I can’t hear God.” I am here to tell you that simply isn’t true. God your Father, your friend, speaks daily. You just need to figure out HOW He speaks to you. That alone is an adventure. But I promise, He does speak, He will speak. Just be still and listen.

Okay, so today I was on my walk/jog with my 5-year-old Pitt Bull named “Nana.” Now, Nana is a great walking buddy. But not so much at running. In fact, when we first start she’s ready to bolt she gets so excited to go. I have to pull her back because she could easily get way ahead of me. But about half mile in she starts to slow way down and by one mile she is lagging.

Today while jogging she felt especially slow. I was barely jogging and she needed to be pulled. I kept encouraging her, reminding her that we were almost home. “Come on girl.” I said, “we got this.”

She would look up at me and smile. (yes she actually smiles) God quickened my heart as we were about a block from Home. “Gypsy, it is your job to help encourage my children who are falling behind. For those who have grown tired and weary in the running. You are called to lead my people back to me.” I began to weep as I felt the tug of my arm gently pulling my dog home and the tug of Jesus words on my heart.

But it spoke to me so profoundly and I thought, this Word is for ALL of us Mature Christians.

It is our job to lead those who have fallen behind, who have grown weary in the battle. Age is insignificant. You can be a mature Christian and be young in age or be a babe in Christ and be an elder adult. Maturity is based on the amount of time invested with Jesus. Often, I have felt alone and cheated out of a Spiritual Mother or Father. Sure, I have had people help me along the way. But no one to invest long term wisdom, other than my earthly mother.

It dawned on me as I was writing this, although I have not had one, it doesn’t mean I can’t be one for someone else. Perhaps, that’s what this was about. As mature Christians, it is our job, our duty our honor to help those who are weak. We are called to lift each other up.

“If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who falls and has no one to help them up.” Ecclesiastes: 4:10 NKJV

So, I encourage you today. If you are asking God, “what is my purpose?” Perhaps, you can simply start by finding someone you can speak life into and mentor. Let that be your first step. If we were all to find ONE person that we could pour our wisdom into, wow. What a difference we could make.

I pray this encourages you. I bless you and I speak life into you today.

You Can Hear My Voice


I love how God reveals things to us. Sometimes we can be ministering to someone else and God will quicken your heart and say, “uh, hem that’s for you too.”

Many of you have come out of a long wilderness season and you felt as if your gifts had dried up along with your weary heart. Many of you wondering if you’re ever going to be released into ministry again. The Lord is saying,

 “I have been preparing you in the wilderness, on the back side of the desert for such a time as this. You needed to be under the safety of my wings as your soul was being healed and while your wings were being mended. I have not forgotten you nor have I forsaken you. For you are mine and with you I am well pleased. Please be patient as I prepare the way for you. The gifts I have given you are great and they serve a mighty purpose. I will use you to break yokes and destroy the ploys of the enemy. I will use you to release the captives of oppression and depression. My sons and daughters need deliverance and I am sending you with my heart, with my words, with my power to free them. Together we will accomplish great things. The way you did things in the past will not work in this new season. For I am doing a new thing.

You have gone from milk to meat and where I once hand fed you, now will require faith and obedience to my voice. Spending time with me in my presence is the only way to know for sure who is speaking to your heart. For there is so much going on around you, it can easily become a distraction. My child do not look to the left or to the right. Look only to me. Do not doubt who I have called you to be, Do not doubt the words I have spoken to your heart. Go back. Go back and read what I spoke to your heart during those intimate moments with me. There, my child you will see that I have been with you and I have been speaking to you and you can hear from me. You know my voice. Did I not say my children would know my voice? Then why do you doubt that? Trust me as I lead you into this new season of unexpected surprises. Trust me as I make room for your gifts. Trust me as I align you with the right people. Trust that you know me and you can hear my voice. For I am speaking and you are listening. You are my yielded vessel to whom I am well pleased my child and I love you.

John 10:27 (NKJV)

 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.”

Spring Forth

SpringSpring is coming. It’s on the way. These flowers appeared nearly overnight in my yard.
The shoots were up but no life was evident.
God whispered to my heart after taking this picture.
I sense many of you have been in a winter season for a very long time. A time where your roots went deep, but you were in hiding.
I hear the Lord saying, “Get ready to bare beautiful fruit, get ready to SPRING forth.
Get ready. Get ready, Get ready.
You have been in a long dry season, but you are about to spring forward. It will be a suddenly. When you felt, alone and forgotten, it was in that secret placed I ministered to you, I spoke to your heart and you felt my love for you.
You have asked me, “how much longer Lord.” I heard your cries, but your roots needed to go deep, for where I am about to take you will surprise even you. You will ask, “did that really just happen?” For many of you, your soil is dried up and it’s time to be transplanted to fresh new soil. Don’t be afraid for I have prepared the way for you. I have gone before you.
Get ready. I am truly doing a new thing. That restlessness in your heart was placed there by me, so you wouldn’t get too comfortable where you are. Trust me as I take you on a detour. A shortcut that will spring you forward in this New Season. Get ready, for as the flowers and trees begin to bloom for all to see. My fruit in you will truly be a beauty to behold!”

Anchored but Not Bound


I hear the voice of the Lord and He is saying, “Now is not a time to get discouraged. I know you feel tied down, you feel bound up and ready to run. Be still my child, in the right moment I will release you. You are eager to get started and that pleases me, but I still need to finish what I started. Have I not said I have gone before you and I am making a way? I am. Where you are going is going to require precision and accuracy. It is going to require many to stand in the gap for you and be your armor bearers.

Right now, you are without covering and If I were to release you, the enemy would devour you. I have kept you hidden, for such a time as this. When it is time, I will release you, for you are my sharpened arrow and I have kept you hidden on purpose. For the enemy knows I have a plan, but only I know this plan. Remember there is no demon in hell or man on earth that can stop my plans.

You feel as if you have been kept bound by your circumstances, but I am here to remind you that you have simply been anchored. Just as a ship must stay anchored, to avoid going adrift with no captain. You too are being anchored. An anchor is never meant to be permanent, but rather to keep a ship steady in position. When the time is right I will lift the Anchor and send you out. Do not grow restless in the waiting, do not try and lift your anchor before I have done all that I need to do. Trust me as I guide you. Stay Anchored to me. You will know when it is time, it will be made clear.”anchored
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