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April 2017

God Is Giving You Racing Blinders

blinders I am so excited to release this Word God gave me for the month of May and beyond. At first I was amused as to why He was using a horse analogy, but once He gave me all the pieces I was in awe. I pray you are blessed and encouraged.
God is Giving You Racing Blinders
Things are really starting to pick up in the spirit. I can hear the sounds of horses as they are getting ready to be released from a starting gate. The hooves dancing in place ready to run. Their breath hot and heavy with excitement. There is a sense of urgency, and anticipation to be released.
You have been preparing for this for a very long time. You have been in training for years. You are finally ready! You know what you are supposed to do, you finally know what all that training was for. It was for this moment in time. This race, that has been set before you.
You were once a wild stallion, but you needed to be bridled. You needed to be broke in. So, you could learn how to be led, how to be trained, how to carry weight, how to keep your tongue in check.
The Lord has given you a free spirit for a reason. But without training a free spirit can often go rogue. It takes time and patience to teach an old pony new tricks. Friends, get ready because the Lord has prepared the way, He has set things in motion and your about to take off. The Lord has given you blinders. As I began writing this I had no idea why God was using Horses as an analogy, but the Lord led me to something that is incredible and I just love how He works.
Horses are spooked easily by nature and can often run off at the first sign of danger. If you cover a horse’s head during fearful times they will be led easily and be encouraged to take a chance they wouldn’t normally take.
Race horses are given blinders for the purpose of keeping them focused when racing. Blinders keep the horse’s eye focused on what is ahead, rather than what is at the side or behind. If a horse decides to take a different route, it will simply take the jockey with it, so this can pose problems. Skittish race horses are fitted with blinders for their own safety and the jockey’s safety.
The Lord has been leading you and encouraging you to take steps you would not normally make. He is now fitting you with blinders. We often pray Lord, help me not to look to the left or to the right. God is answering that prayer. He is giving you spiritual racing blinders. So, in this season you will not be distracted by what’s going on around you. You will not look back at what has happened since you left the starting gate. You will not look back at who is behind you. You will run your own race. You will stay the course, you will stay focused, you will keep moving ahead. Do not fear that you have been in this race before and lost.
The Lord would say to you, “Be of good courage my child for I have prepared this time, I have prepared this moment. It is your moment. There is no more question as to whether or not I am doing a thing, for I am here to declare that it is done. I have completed that thing which I said I would do, now you must trust me as I lead you to the finish line. You will not only win, but you will lead many others into victory. For I have great plans for you and great celebration lies ahead.”
Friends, your training has not been in vain. All the times you prayed, you fasted in secret, you stood during great storms, God is now going to reward you openly. I hear the Lord say, “There is no more waiting, the shot has been fired, it’s time to run.”
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Love Keeps No Records Of Wrong

1-corinthians-13-vs-5Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs

I remember a time when I used to cry out to God because I didn’t understand why I was being so mistreated. Why, I was always the first one that had to apologize, even if it wasn’t my fault. I would feel compelled to try and make things right. Sometimes, I would even argue with God. “But God, look what they are doing, don’t you see how they treat me? It’s not fair.” I will never forget what He told me. “I am holding you to a higher accountability, they know not what they do. You know better.”

Ugh…He was right. But God was developing my character. I did know better. I remember another time when I was crying out to God asking Him why I always forgot many of the things that were done to me. I of course didn’t forget everything. But I was usually quick to forgive and then forget what was said or done, unless someone reminded me. My mom would often get upset with me because she would say, “Don’t you remember when he did this or said that.” And honestly most of it I had forgotten.

One day I was so frustrated, for not remembering more. I decided that day that I was going to start keeping a “journal” of all the things that were done and said to me that hurt me. I got my computer out and I was going to start putting it all in there so I could remember. I kid you not, before I could even type ONE letter on the keyboard. I heard the Holy Spirit say,
“Love keeps no records of wrong.” I replied with, “huh?” as I sometimes do when He says something, but I don’t like the answer. He gently repeated it, “Love keeps no records of wrongs.”

“Sigh” ….as my shoulders drop, knowing I was wrong. It was a gentle, reminder a little tap on the hand, “don’t do that.” That was the most literal scripture He could have used to get my attention. I then asked God why I couldn’t remember. I will never forget what He said.

“If I were to allow everything the enemy has ever said or done to hurt you, your heart would be so hardened I would not be able to use you. I have given you a pure heart, a forgiving heart according to my good will.”

Wow God!
Because we all know people who are so hardened by life that it’s like breaking stone to get through to them. So, I want to encourage you today if you are a tender heart, a heart that forgives easily and forgets quickly. Do not feel like you are a pushover or weak. In fact, it is the opposite. It is because of that humility that God can and will use you. It is what helps to make you stronger in Him! Trust Him and remember God is a good father and He will only discipline out of love. Thank you Father for being so good to us that you correct those that you love.

Yes You Can!!

17951883_10213280145106838_8187324740753158885_nFriends, I want you to realize that eating healthy, losing weight, and working out is just as much a Spiritual discipline as it is a physical one. It requires self control, discipline and determination to Renew your mind daily. That means to change the way you think about food, your body and exercise. I know its hard. I have struggled with my weight for years. I don’t want you to give up hope on never being able to lose it!!

I was in a toxic marriage for 17years where I ate my emotions. I quickly gained #125!! I was constantly put down and told I would never lose weight.

I used to have day dreams about myself where I was healthy and I helped other people lose weight. I shared my dreams of wanting to be a personal trainer. I was told, “you cant even help yourself, how can you help anyone else.”

I heard ” your fat, you will never lose weight.”
“you should feel lucky that I still want to come home and have sex with you.” “you’re always going to be the fat girl with a pretty face.”

All these things put me in a downhill spiral filled with extra helping of carbs, cakes, sweet tea and antidepressants. I even started drinking at one point because I was just trying to numb the pain. I fell deeper and deeper into despair.

But deep down I knew I wouldn’t always be fat, deep down I knew I was capable of more. One day I went from saying, “I cant do this anymore.” to…..”I wont do this anymore” And I didn’t!! That was it. I had made up my mind that I would not longer suffer at the hands of someone else’s insecurity.

Every time the enemy whispered lies, God whispered. “your beautiful. You are mine. You belong to me. I have a plan and it is good.”

It has taking me 5 years to feel good about myself again. Am I perfect. NO. Do I still struggle? Yes. Did I lose the weight? YES.
Did I become a Personal Trainer? YES. Did I open my own business and start helping other people lose weight?? YES
God never left me. Those dreams came true and I never gave up. Has it been hard? Heck yes. Am I where I want to be. Heck no. 🙂

But every day we get to wake up to a “do over”. So I want to encourage you, YES YOU CAN…Do anything you set your mind to!! Choose to Co-Labor with God and absolutely ANYTHING is possible!!
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Prophetic Word about our Children


I woke up with these Words in my spirit. And felt this was not just for me but for all of us parents. God is truly doing a New thing even within our children.

“Pay attention to what your children say, for they will declare my goodness, they will confirm the plans I have for you and your family. Their hearts have not been clouded by your world, they are still open to hear me. Discern when I am speaking to you through them, they are not to be overlooked for I have made my voice a loud roar within them. They will walk with boldness and I will carry them all the days of their life. Joy and boldness they will walk in, with joy and boldness they will declare a thing and it will be so. Do not despise their youth. But heed their words when I speak.”

This brings me such Joy as I have 3 sons. 7, 9, 17.
Thank you Father!
**God just reminded me to ask them everyday what He is saying, to cultivate their listening ears.**

Freedom In The Birthing

There Is Freedom In The Birthing



Stop giving the Devil so much credit! What you’re going through is not an attack of the enemy, its God. Its Heaven pregnant with you, getting ready to birth you out! Just like when a baby is born. Prior to delivery the baby is warm and comfortable and then contractions (shaking) begins to take place. Making the baby very uncomfortable, it can no longer stay where it is because it has outgrown its environment. As the baby is born, it is confused, it is being squeezed, pushed and pulled. It is leaving everything familiar. It is painful.

But if the child were to stay in the womb forever it would die. Why? Because it would use up all its resources and outgrow its environment to the point of death. It was not meant to stay in the womb forever, it was meant to live outside that safe place. It will never fully live and grow the way it was meant to until it is outside the familiar, outside the walls of its conception.

Many of you are struggling, your confused and while God is not the author of confusion, He is using it to birth you out into a new place, a larger space. You see, you have outgrown your environment and if you stay where you are, while safe and warm, you will die. Why? Because you were only meant to be there for a season, to learn and to grow. That safe place was necessary for your growth, but now the very thing that sustained you can no longer house you. God is requiring more of you. He is birthing you OUT! There is Freedom in the Birthing.

God is saying, “There is so much more for you that you do not understand and could not begin to understand. There are things that while they are comfortable, you can no longer depend on them if you truly want to do all that I have created you for. I have used everything in your life for my purpose. Nothing is ever wasted. But now I am asking you to trust me. Trust me for the more, trust me to be your source, do not look to that thing or person that has sustained you for the last few years. You are going to new places as I am extending your tent pegs. You cannot stay where you are or you will surely die spiritually. Although it may be painful and you will not understand at first. Trust me as I take you deeper, further than you ever could hope or imagine. Your spirit will be free, there is much freedom and joy where I am about to take you. You have never experienced freedom like what I am about to release in you. I am going to use you mightily to set my children free. But First you must walk in freedom. Will you trust me? Will you cling tightly to me as I navigate you through this season? I will only reveal one step at a time, as this increases your need for me and lessens your dependency to do things your own way. My child there is great freedom in all that I have for you. Trust me as I lead you to the next step. Much joy will be yours. You will walk in freedom, you will walk in joy. This time next year, if you will walk with me, step by step. You will look back in awe of what I have done in so little time. Trust me. There is much joy ahead.”

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