Freedom In The Birthing

There Is Freedom In The Birthing



Stop giving the Devil so much credit! What you’re going through is not an attack of the enemy, its God. Its Heaven pregnant with you, getting ready to birth you out! Just like when a baby is born. Prior to delivery the baby is warm and comfortable and then contractions (shaking) begins to take place. Making the baby very uncomfortable, it can no longer stay where it is because it has outgrown its environment. As the baby is born, it is confused, it is being squeezed, pushed and pulled. It is leaving everything familiar. It is painful.

But if the child were to stay in the womb forever it would die. Why? Because it would use up all its resources and outgrow its environment to the point of death. It was not meant to stay in the womb forever, it was meant to live outside that safe place. It will never fully live and grow the way it was meant to until it is outside the familiar, outside the walls of its conception.

Many of you are struggling, your confused and while God is not the author of confusion, He is using it to birth you out into a new place, a larger space. You see, you have outgrown your environment and if you stay where you are, while safe and warm, you will die. Why? Because you were only meant to be there for a season, to learn and to grow. That safe place was necessary for your growth, but now the very thing that sustained you can no longer house you. God is requiring more of you. He is birthing you OUT! There is Freedom in the Birthing.

God is saying, “There is so much more for you that you do not understand and could not begin to understand. There are things that while they are comfortable, you can no longer depend on them if you truly want to do all that I have created you for. I have used everything in your life for my purpose. Nothing is ever wasted. But now I am asking you to trust me. Trust me for the more, trust me to be your source, do not look to that thing or person that has sustained you for the last few years. You are going to new places as I am extending your tent pegs. You cannot stay where you are or you will surely die spiritually. Although it may be painful and you will not understand at first. Trust me as I take you deeper, further than you ever could hope or imagine. Your spirit will be free, there is much freedom and joy where I am about to take you. You have never experienced freedom like what I am about to release in you. I am going to use you mightily to set my children free. But First you must walk in freedom. Will you trust me? Will you cling tightly to me as I navigate you through this season? I will only reveal one step at a time, as this increases your need for me and lessens your dependency to do things your own way. My child there is great freedom in all that I have for you. Trust me as I lead you to the next step. Much joy will be yours. You will walk in freedom, you will walk in joy. This time next year, if you will walk with me, step by step. You will look back in awe of what I have done in so little time. Trust me. There is much joy ahead.”

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