I woke up with these Words in my spirit. And felt this was not just for me but for all of us parents. God is truly doing a New thing even within our children.

“Pay attention to what your children say, for they will declare my goodness, they will confirm the plans I have for you and your family. Their hearts have not been clouded by your world, they are still open to hear me. Discern when I am speaking to you through them, they are not to be overlooked for I have made my voice a loud roar within them. They will walk with boldness and I will carry them all the days of their life. Joy and boldness they will walk in, with joy and boldness they will declare a thing and it will be so. Do not despise their youth. But heed their words when I speak.”

This brings me such Joy as I have 3 sons. 7, 9, 17.
Thank you Father!
**God just reminded me to ask them everyday what He is saying, to cultivate their listening ears.**