1-corinthians-13-vs-5Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs

I remember a time when I used to cry out to God because I didn’t understand why I was being so mistreated. Why, I was always the first one that had to apologize, even if it wasn’t my fault. I would feel compelled to try and make things right. Sometimes, I would even argue with God. “But God, look what they are doing, don’t you see how they treat me? It’s not fair.” I will never forget what He told me. “I am holding you to a higher accountability, they know not what they do. You know better.”

Ugh…He was right. But God was developing my character. I did know better. I remember another time when I was crying out to God asking Him why I always forgot many of the things that were done to me. I of course didn’t forget everything. But I was usually quick to forgive and then forget what was said or done, unless someone reminded me. My mom would often get upset with me because she would say, “Don’t you remember when he did this or said that.” And honestly most of it I had forgotten.

One day I was so frustrated, for not remembering more. I decided that day that I was going to start keeping a “journal” of all the things that were done and said to me that hurt me. I got my computer out and I was going to start putting it all in there so I could remember. I kid you not, before I could even type ONE letter on the keyboard. I heard the Holy Spirit say,
“Love keeps no records of wrong.” I replied with, “huh?” as I sometimes do when He says something, but I don’t like the answer. He gently repeated it, “Love keeps no records of wrongs.”

“Sigh” ….as my shoulders drop, knowing I was wrong. It was a gentle, reminder a little tap on the hand, “don’t do that.” That was the most literal scripture He could have used to get my attention. I then asked God why I couldn’t remember. I will never forget what He said.

“If I were to allow everything the enemy has ever said or done to hurt you, your heart would be so hardened I would not be able to use you. I have given you a pure heart, a forgiving heart according to my good will.”

Wow God!
Because we all know people who are so hardened by life that it’s like breaking stone to get through to them. So, I want to encourage you today if you are a tender heart, a heart that forgives easily and forgets quickly. Do not feel like you are a pushover or weak. In fact, it is the opposite. It is because of that humility that God can and will use you. It is what helps to make you stronger in Him! Trust Him and remember God is a good father and He will only discipline out of love. Thank you Father for being so good to us that you correct those that you love.