Get Ready To Be Pushed Out Of The Nest



 My God, My God. I was getting dressed and the Lord began to speak to me about our, “Comfort Zones”

I just love how God works.

I picked up my phone and was going to go live when I saw one of my Christian brothers online live. So, I waited to listen and the very same thing that God had put in my heart about comfort zones and moving. He was releasing!! Yes God.

He then gave me an example of Birds. When they are young they are under the safety of their mother’s wings, they are tucked in the comfort and safety of their nest. As they begin to grow, they get uncomfortable. Their environment no longer fits them. I’m sure the little birds never want to leave the nest, I mean why would they want to? It’s safe and warm.

But Mommas know when it’s time to fly.  So, what does she do? She begins making it so uncomfortable for them, she begins pushing them closer and closer to the edge. Eventually, she pushes them out. Why? Because she knows they were made for more. She knows for them to become what they were created to be, they cannot stay in the nest. They were born to fly!

I am here to tell you right now, that many of you are getting ready to be pushed out of the nest! You are getting ready to fly! Remember, you can choose to stay where you are, but eventually it will become so uncomfortable that you must leave that place. God knows He created you for something more. Flying equals freedom. God is taking you out of that comfortable place, out of that safe place and into freedom. Get ready for a major change, get ready to relocate.

Some of you will be moving geographically and you sense it. And you’re wondering HOW in the world it could happen. Your job is NOT to worry about the details, but simply to be obedient. Some of you are right in the middle of a “comfortable career,” God is calling you away from it, because He wants you to start your own business, to help finance the Kingdom. Some of you need to leave that dead, dry church you are in, it is suffocating the life out of you. But your fear of man and “what will they think,” keeps your trapped. I release you right now in the name of Jesus!

 Some of you are attached to unhealthy people and God would say to you, “Your covenant is to me first.” Be willing to let go when He says to and trust Him for the outcome.” My friends, when you are walking with the Lord and under His direction, you ARE protected, you are safe. But if you remain when God says go…there will be no more Grace and it will become extremely difficult. May is the 5th month. The number 5 biblically stands for grace! God is saying, “It is time, It is time, It is time, stop looking for confirmation, my leading is all the confirmation you need, trust me.”

God is pushing you out of the nest, out of your comfort zone, out of your safe place. He is directing you to a place that will bring freedom and joy. Freedom to be who HE called you to be. Freedom to say and do the things that He has asked of you. Freedom to walk in boldness and courage. Freedom to set the captives free. Freedom to soar higher than you ever imagined! Your freedom will require great faith. But God is with you! Get ready to Fly!

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