God Seriously Loves Us!

​❤Friends, God is so good and so gracious. He is never late, always,faithful. He is a good Father that loves us so very much. If you could truly phathom His amazing love for you, you would never second guess Him again.  —Today I had plans to release a  Word for His daughters.  He had other plans. He rocked my world while I was working out today and left me in a pool of tears over my weight bench. He downloaded so much Revelation about our identity and how He wants to show us how good He really is. Friends, I wasn’t praying I wasn’t being super spiritual, I was lifting weights and the download came followed by the downpour. I wrote as much as I could down. 

It was then followed later with a new friend request that led to an incredible Prophetic woman Ive never met, confirming EVERYTHING that the Lord has been speaking to me about.

It was like chatting with an old friend for hours, we shared with each other and God spoke to both of us through the other. It was incredible.  Again, I was left in tears.

I say all this…because I am not His favorite! He loves every single one of us the same. I’ve been through a divorce, I’ve been strung out on drugs, Ive been in the clubs drunk. I’ve doubted Him, been mad at Him, ignored Him, rebelled against Him. And went my own way many times!!! But my God NEVER gave up on me.

 He is STILL good to me after all that. I am here to declare God’s goodness, Gods love, Gods hope, Gods joy. Friends, God WILL do for you what He promised! I guarantee it.

Trust Him even when it hurts and doesn’t make sense. He loves you and you are NOT put on earth to struggle everyday, you are NOT here to just get by, you are NOT here to live in lack. Jesus was sent so that you could have LIFE! Not a barely get by life, but a life more ABUNDANTLY. 

Friends, I really think we over complicate WHO God really is. It’s so simple. It really is.

God is LOVE. 1John 4:8-10#godslove #hope #joy #ifoundmytribe #undone

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