Words Of Wisdom

~Words of Wisdom~

Proverbs 4:23 says, “Above all else guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.”
I wanted to talk about this because I am seeing a surge of new leaders popping up on the scene, many of you with great callings and anointing’s. I don’t want you to become a victim of the enemies plan to devour you before you even get started.
In my 40 years of life and 10years of ministry I have learned a few things:)
It is never wise to counsel the opposite sex, when they are dealing with relationship problems. We see this time and again, in the work place, and even in ministry.

It is important to guard your heart especially in leadership. The enemy would love nothing more than to wreak havoc on two innocent people. You see, many times there is no ill intent on either party to commit a sin. However, the enemy is sneaky and this can easily lead to temptation. Even if it is only an affair of the heart. When you expose your heart to someone regarding your relationship, it makes you vulnerable. The person with a sympathetic ear can become vulnerable as well.
You can still be friends and encourage one another, but always refer them to an elder or person of the same sex when dealing with sensitive issues, such as marriage advice, or relationship problems.
Now I absolutely believe that men and women can have healthy relationships that are completely on the up and up. However, learn to set boundaries and guard your heart when dealing with people, for their safety and yours.
Trust your gut. The Holy Spirit lives there:)

When you know how the enemy works, you can avoid him before he even gets started. 
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