Your only Purpose is to Be Loved.


I know its so hard for us to comprehend because we live in a world full of rejection.

So I pray that you would not just read these words, but that you would be inspired to BELIEVE them:)
What ifyou knew………
Your ONLY purpose in life was to simply love & be loved. 

It’s not to work. To toil. To labor in vain. To stress. To strive. To be more or do more.
Wouldn’t that be amazing?.
What if I told you….thats true!!
Your purpose is simply to love and be loved by the God who created you. It is out of that love that we choose to love Him back and tell people about Him.

He wants us to know His amazing love, and let our lives be an example of that. So that others may know His love.
Everything God did and does is out of LOVE. 
It’s so simple friends. It really is.
God is LOVE. And He created us simply because He loved us. There was no other reason. What we do here on earth is all extras.!!
#godislove #yourpurposeistobeloved

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