Unexpected Surprises Are on The Way



I live in Southern California and its the middle of May. Last week we hit 100 degrees. This morning, I opened my door and it felt like fall, it was cold and dreary. I was very surprised at how chilly it was. I mean the day before my boys were swimming in the pool. As I was driving to take them to school today, my vehicle showed 54 degrees! It was in fact chilly. To my surprise, it began to get misty. I thought, “Lord that’s weird.”

I quickly heard, “unexpected surprises are on the way, they will appear to be small at first, but then it will quickly become a downpour.”

I smiled, as the mist turned into rain. It was in fact, completely unexpected and a complete surprise. I don’t recall the weather man calling for rain or cold. Later that day I was on Facebook and a friend had sent me a request to like their ministry page, so I did. I was quickly tagged and notified that I was the 100th person to like their page and because of that, they were sending me one of their Worship C.D. Apparently, they had promised their followers that they would give the 100th like a music CD. I had no idea of that.  Now, this WAS a pleasant surprise because I never win anything, even when I do try!

In addition to sending me an actual CD, they sent me a free download so I didn’t have to wait. So I not only got a “surprise”, but by not having to wait, I also got a “suddenly”.

It is beautiful anointed worship music. As I began listening to it, God reminded me of what He had told me in the morning. This is what He was talking about.

Friends, I have a profound sense of expectancy in this season. It is like nothing I have ever felt before. There is a sense of expectancy, but also a sense of urgency to gain new ground in this season. All of us are in a different season of our lives, but for those of you who are coming out of the cave, for those that have been in a dry wilderness place for a long time. I want you to get your hopes up. I want you to begin to speak to those things that are not as though they were. This is YOUR season. So, keep your eyes open for the, unexpected surprises, and EXPECT the mist to turn into a downpour!

2 Comments on “Unexpected Surprises Are on The Way

  1. I LOVE IT WHEN THE LORD DOES SUDDENLIES, I will also look forward to a surprise, this year has been tough so far. God bless, Jenny

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