The Devils Presence Can Announce That Your Promotion Is On The Way



I know you feel tired and weary, but I am here to bring hope and revelation. It seems we are always hit the hardest when we are in that wilderness season. The enemy will come in like a flood to tempt us and distract us, and get us to lose our focus, and lose our hope. He is really good at what he does, I mean let’s be real, he has had over 2k years to perfect his skill. But be encouraged friends! I am here to remind you of why his presence is a good indication of breakthrough and the confirmation of promotion. Right before Jesus started His ministry and walked in the fullness of what the Father had for Him. Satan showed up on the scene. “Then Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.” Matthew 4:1.

So, take heart dear ones. What happens after you leave the wilderness is so much more than you could ever hope or imagine. Jesus did His greatest exploits after His time in the wilderness of consecration and fasting. After the enemy showed up.

I want to share how the enemy’s presence can be a sign of promotion. 10 years ago, before I began ministry, I was in prayer. I heard the Lord say, “consecrate your flesh over the next three days and I will take you to the next level.” It was the first time I ever felt God speak instructions. I knew He was talking about fasting. I sat there stunned. He repeated it. I began to weep. I was on high. I had never experienced God that way before and I was so consumed by His power and love at that moment. After some time, I went to bed. As soon as I got into my bed, the air got so thick and heavy and a fear like I have never experienced in my life came over me. I literally saw a black figure standing at the foot of my bed. I was terrified. I began to pray and it eventually left. I completed my first fast over the next 3 days. It was in the month of December and in the month of February I became a licensed minister. That was my promotion. That was my next level.

In March of this year, after a long hard wilderness season. Followed by a season of healing, consecration, fasting and prayer, my writing ministry began to take off. I knew God was also calling me into videos, but I was afraid. I relented and did my first video terrified. A week later I was the sickest I have ever been. I was in bed over a week with phantom flu symptoms. I felt like I had been hit by a truck but the doctors said I was fine. I was then told I had a blood clot in my leg, and it was close to the main artery in my leg. I reached out for prayer and when I went back to the doctor they could find NO blood clot!

The next night I was awoken at 2am. The room was thick and heavy and I could feel something in the room. Just like that night years ago. But unlike that night 10years ago I was not plagued with fear, instead I asked Holy Spirit, “what do I do?” He quickly responded, “cover yourself in prayer as you sleep.” So I did, and to my surprise it quickly left and I fell right back asleep. The next morning, I woke up and I asked God, “what was that about?” He reminded me that the last time he showed up, I was promoted. I got excited at the idea of it. I also began to feel better that day. I believe the sickness I had experienced was a spiritual attack. And him showing up in my room was a fear tactic. But this time it didn’t work.

Friends, a few days later I was contacted by a Christian Website, asking me if I would be willing to do a teaching webinar for them, and they would pay me! Do you see the correlation? Do you see the promotion? That one-act of obedience of doing a video I was terrified to do, led to the enemy getting nervous about me stepping into the plans of God. So, he showed up to bring fear. But what he really did was announce my promotion. I think the devil believes more in our abilities than we do, he knows what we are capable of through Christ.

Now you may never experience the enemy physically like that. But remember he will use anything and everything, including people to get you off track. Recognize it. So, the next time you feel like you’re being attacked, spiritually or physically. Remember the devil never attacks what he is not threatened by and his presence is a good indication promotion is on the way.


2 Comments on “The Devils Presence Can Announce That Your Promotion Is On The Way

  1. This is too true. In the middle of my fast just this month. I was suddenly plagued with nightmares and not the vague spooky kind, but dreams that embodied very distinct fears, regrets, and just painful memories all around. I’ve never had dreams of that nature and I recognized it as the enemy immediately, and like you said prayer is the only way. I pleaded the blood of Christ and slept like a baby. Satan does indeed recognize the power of Christ and is quick to try and bring us back to dark places we were just called out of and set free from, but he is powerless against Christ. Thank you for this word Gypsy! It’s so necessary to realize why the enemy appears when he does. Even demons believe and shudder!

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    • Amen!! Yes. The enemy knows the power we carry. Especially during Fasting times I have been hit as well. Good news were doing something right! The enemy never attacks what He’s not threatened by!

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