Brace Yourself, Women Are Coming!

Warrior Woman Silhouette

I just can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am over this word that God is releasing. I have been praying about it for a couple of months.

I don’t know about you, but I have certainly noticed a lot more women becoming active in ministry. Perhaps it is just my circle, but everywhere I turn I am seeing women stepping up, stepping out of the shadows and into the light. They are coming from everywhere. Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist, Teachers. I have noticed a significant surge of Prophetic women coming on the scene. Myself included. Many of us have been in a very long wilderness season. We have suffered at the hands of man and religion and have been ran into caves by jezebel. Well my friends, I am here to declare the word of the Lord regarding what I am seeing in this season.

As God began to put a burden on my heart to pray for His daughters, I was led to an article about the woman’s march that took place in January 2017. As I read the article and saw the degrading pictures of women dressed in short skirts, torn leggings and only duct tape over their breast, all in the name of, feminism, my heart was grieved. God began to show me how the enemy has perverted what He is doing. You see anytime God begins a work, the enemy offers a counterfeit. We know that he cannot create anything, so he will pervert what God is doing.

This year marked a huge shift, not just, in the natural, but also in the spirit. Just as there was a changing of the guards in January regarding our President and our leaders, there is also a rise in new leaders Spiritually. I believe that many of these new leaders are going to be women. I believe these women are going to be used to confound the wise. Women of all nations, and backgrounds. Women with an education and women without, working moms, stay at home moms, are all being raised up for such a time as this. We are going to see even more women in the spotlight. They will appear to come from nowhere. They will be put on large platforms and will prophesy to Nations. They will call in the Prodigal sons and daughters. They will run million dollar businesses and will help finance the kingdom. As I was praying about this message, I asked God why He was so passionate about women in this season, why now? I was drawn to a picture in one of the Marches that read. “Brace Yourself Women are Coming.”

The Father began to speak, “My heart grieves for my daughters, they have been held back, pressed down and kept from me. The enemy has lied to them and told them they are not worthy, but I have called them mighty, he has called them disposable and I call them priceless. I have heard their cry’s, I have bottled their tears. I have seen the pain they have suffered at the hands of man, and my heart grieves. I will no longer allow the enemy to keep them bound. You will look to the left, and to the right, and they will come, from everywhere, oh yes, my daughters will march, they will march with swords and battleaxes in their hands for my glory! , I am calling my daughters. I am calling my daughters to the frontlines and into the forefront. I am reaching down and rescuing my daughters. No longer will they be held captive, by religious strongholds, I am giving them peace, I am giving them strength, I am breaking the cord of captivity and releasing them into freedom. They will experience me in a powerful way. I am releasing my glory onto them, because of their faithfulness to not turn away from me, even while they suffered. I will honor them as I did Job. They will get everything back. Everything back, and more I say. Watch as my daughters come from every nation, the North, the South, the East and the West. I will draw them by my spirit and they will help bring forth the new thing that I am doing. They are the midwives, that will help birth the promises that I have for my people. Watch and see what I do with my daughters, for it will be a sight to behold. Do not despise my daughters for I AM has raised them up. They will sing of my glory, they will dance for me, they will speak with boldness, they will prophesy with clarity, they will walk in miracles, signs and wonders. Entire cultures will shift, as I am positioning them for greatness, I am positioning them in power. I will use my daughters to humble great leaders. Watch and see what I am about to do. RISE UP, my daughters, RISE UP. No longer are you held captive, no longer are you bound. Take my hand. Walk in freedom my child, walk in boldness, walk in clarity for your eyes have been opened. You are no longer chained, be free, be free, be free I say. Be free. For I have heard you, and I am here. The enemy knows the power you carry, he knows the anointing you carry. But I laugh at him and his ways, he is no match for me. Watch as MY daughters are released onto the streets and into the market place, watch as they are led up the steps of the Whitehouse and into the seats of power, watch and see as MY daughters take nations over and raise up sons and daughters in the ways I have called them. Oh, yes, there will be a march, but it will be for my glory and no man can stop it. My daughters have heard my voice and they will not be stopped. They will not be silenced, for I have raised them up for such a time as this. Behold, my beautiful daughters, for they are coming.”

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