A few days ago I shared a Prophetic Word about How God was raising up women in this season. They are coming from everywhere. They are being set free from religious strongholds, some that have been bound for generations are being set free. Many that are in toxic relationships are being set free. 

Women who have been battered and bruised are rising up, they don’t know where the inner strength is coming from, they only know they feel differently.

 They sense something has changed and they are beginning to walk in boldness. Jesus is calling them forward.
AND….the enemy is MAD. I mentioned in my article how the devil always tries to pervert what God is doing. Look at the Women’s March! That was the enemies counterfeit to what God was wanting to do.
It’s easy to look in the natural and tell what’s going on in the spirit if you have discernment.
The attack on young women in Manchester is another clear sign that God is moving and the devil is mad and is trying to silence as many voices as He can.
Ladies, this IS YOUR SEASON. It is not a time to be silent, now more than ever your voice needs to be heard, your testimony could save someone’s life, thereby saving a generation that could be birthed from that life. Its time to RISE UP. Its Time to Take your rightful place. Its time to know who you are and to whom you belong!!
God created you, because HE LOVES YOU. You have a plan, you have a purpose. God needs you. So I come against every spirit of depression right now, every spirit of anxiety and hopelessness. I speak life, I speak healing into your entire being. I speak hope, I speak clarity and wisdom. I speak boldness and courage into you today. My dear sister, you have been created for such a time as this!! RISE UP…..you cannot afford to stay silenced any longer.
You my precious sister are so much stronger than you realize!!

RISE UP…..there is much work to be done and YOU are NEEDED!

#womenwithpower #powerfulwomen #manchester #riseup

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