I just felt impressed to reach out to the women over 65. WE NEED YOU! I know the enemy has made you feel like you dont matter and that you are not needed and that your “time” is over!! I rebuke that lie in Jesus name.
You see, there is a generation of women like me, who were not raised in a church and we did not have the grannies to speak life over us and teach us to pray.  
You know how to pray, you know how to intercede, you know how to make war for things we have no clue about. Many women are aimlessly trying to find their way because they don’t have a spiritual mother. 

No, one to counsel them. No one to show them their worth. No one to give it to them straight. There is a lost generation of women who need what you have. Your WISDOM, your PRAYERS, your COUNSEL. Your HOPE in the things to come.
I want to remind you, if you do not feel needed today, that is a LIE straight from the pits of hell. I am here to tell you that Jesus SAYS,  “YOU ARE NEEDED” and you are loved.
So, I encourage you to begin asking God how He wants to use you. You can be a young woman’s mentor. Teach them to cook, you would be surprised at how many women my age (40) don’t know how to cook. Teach them to sew. Teach them how to pray for their families, their husbands, their future generations. There is always something you can do. 

But whatever you do remember…YOU ARE LOVED and as long as you have breath, you ARE NEEDED!
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