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June 2017

​Christians, Porn and Hypocricy

This is going to be a hard topic, but I am sure based on the title you figured that out. But I felt the need to express my concerns as I have been witness to what I am about to speak about. It is a hard topic, expressed in love.

I recently received a desperate plea for prayer, from someone who was emotionally devastated that their husband who is a pastor, admitted to being gay. After a long 2-day discussion, God began to reveal even more to me and burdened my heart for this topic.

I realize that everyone has something that they struggle with, however it greatly concerns me when I see Christians preaching against homosexuality, yet they are addicted to porn. I see the same thing with leaders, pastors etc. They are quick to condemn and ridicule those caught up in sin i.e., two women or men who are openly gay, yet they sit at home watching the same thing on their computers, when they think no one is watching them. Wrong is wrong, period. We must uphold the same standards to which we hold others to.

Now if you struggle with porn, I understand, the spirit of lust and perversion is a strong one to break. 

But understand, that the SAME spirit that keeps you bound in secrecy, is the same spirit that has affected others openly, just on a more extreme level. Some are hiding it, some are not. If you are watching two women getting it on, it’s the same spirit operating. You are just as guilty as the 2 openly gay people. Does it make you gay? No. But it still makes you guilty of perversion.

I have also noticed that there is a stereotype, men together are considered repulsive, by most, while most men will admit to enjoying watching 2 women together. This is no less shameful. Wrong Is wrong. Now this is not just a struggle for men as we often hear, in fact I think just as many women struggle with Porn as do men. But then, there is that stereotype again. 

This lustful spirit can come at a very early age, through sexual abuse or being exposed to a lustful lifestyle. It does not have any boundaries, as it affects every race, age and gender. Looking back, I see when, my struggle with lust began as I was molested at the age of 13 and exposed to porn. I had my own struggles with it as an adult, but I thank God that He has set me free and I can speak openly without shame about it.

Now, the reason I mentioned the Pastor who admitted to being gay, is because his seduction came, through his addiction to porn. I have seen so many marriages destroyed from this addiction. Its important, to understand that your eyes are the gateway to your soul, anything you allow, will become a seed. Whatever you feed your body, is what it will begin to crave, i.e., unhealthy foods, drugs, sex etc. The more you give it, the more it wants. You allow demonic activity access to your life through porn. And you can guarantee that the enemy wants nothing more than to destroy you any way he can. 

Remember, time doesn’t matter to him like it does to us. He doesn’t care how long it takes to destroy you. It will become a slow fade. That’s why, recognizing these spirits for what they are, and understanding how they operate is critical. I want you to really think on this…. you may think you are alone in your room in secret, but God knows all and I guarantee the enemy is watching!

But here is the good news! You can be set free from anything!! God has given you a spirit of self-control. 2 Timothy 1:7. God wants you to be free. Ask God to help you and I promise you He will! Remember there is no shame in admitting you struggle, just don’t let the enemy keep you bound up in it. This is your year to be set free from all that has imprisoned you!

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Quick Message of Hope.

A short message to give you some hope. Be blessed.

Men Are Rising Up!

​I had a dream a few months back and felt it was for the body, however I didn’t feel it was the right time to release it. Today I read the words “Cross-Over”,

and was reminded of the dream I had.

I felt the Holy Spirit give me permission to release it, as I felt July is a Season of, “Crossing Over.”

The Dream

I saw myself standing in a camp, I saw a tall fence with a narrow gate. I saw a man helping a wounded, woman coming down a mountain and through the narrow gate into the camp I was standing in. I remember someone asking me, “what are they doing?” I replied, “They are crossing over.”

In this season, many of you have been through intense battles, fighting on the mountain top, “spiritual warfare in high places.”

Its time to cross over into the place of rest. It is a narrow gate, because very few people make it. But you have! You are battered, your are bruised, but you are still alive! And you are not alone.

As I began typing this dream, I sensed the Holy Spirit give me more revelation on it; 

There is going to be a rise in men coming to the aid of the women in battle, the husbands, fathers, sons and warriors for Jesus. God is raising up men in a new way to contend for the things of God like never before. Many of them carry orphaned spirits as they have not had earthly fathers. But the Lord is going to do a deep, quick work to help these men become the spiritual leaders in their homes and communities that they were created to be. Its no coincidence that God has revealed this to me on Fathers day!

So ladies, rejoice as your hearts cry for your husbands and sons is coming to fruition. There is a new generation of men being raised up with humility and submissiveness to the Father, that they will not try and control the women in their lives, but rather be their, “Battle Buddy.” They will, help carry the weight, that so many of us have had to carry for so long, alone!

The men are being raised up to help us cross over and its being birthed in prayer!

I am amazed, as I realize why I wasn’t supposed to release it until today. It is in honor of Fathers Day and the men taking the rightful place as a woman’s help mate! Thank you Father.

Are You A Control Freak?


As I was praying I felt the Lord impress on me the term, “control freak.” I sense that there are many of you God is wanting to do a, “heart transplant on.”
There are many of you who need to be in control of everything. You like everything to be a certain way and when its not, you are quickly irritable. If you’re not sure if this is you, ask someone close to you! They will always be quick to let you know. 🙂
Why?? Because control freaks are uptight and hard to get along with. They can become prideful and feel like their way is the only right way. I mean lets be real, all of us know someone like this, or we are this. This can manifest itself in the way we keep our house, the way we treat our family members or co-workers. The need to always be right and make people feel as if they can never live up to their expectations. This spirit can keep you in bondage. Control Freaks will lack inner peace.
The truth is, most people that suffer from this, also suffer from anxiety and O.C.D. And tend to be very insecure. They often have such high expectations for themselves and rarely are able to live up to them, which causes a feeling of, “not being good enough.”
Do you see the vicious cycle this creates? Both in the person under this spirit of control and the people around them under their influence.
I want to encourage you that if you are the person living with or working with such a person, you must learn to set boundaries, otherwise you will always walk around feeling defeated.
If you are the person who has this incessant need to always be in control and right, I want you to know that,
“you are enough”, just as you are. But your need for perfectionism is driving the people you love away. God wants to do a work in you and He will but, the longer you resist Him, the longer it will take. I know you have been hurt and you don’t trust people, But God can always be trusted. He wants to do a new work in you, but as long as you are holding on to every hurt and every failure, its going to take much longer than necessary. So I pray that today, you would have the courage to ask God to help heal you and free you from the spirit of control. You were created to be free!
Its ok, to be organized, but God isn’t going to fit in your box. So if you want a full life with Him, you must be willing to loosen up and let God be God, and let the people around you be who they were created to be as well.
I bless you and I encourage you to trust God for this. I guarantee He knows exactly what He is doing.

Rock The Boat!

I believe I have a very strategic word for some of you. This is not a general word by any means. And its definitely going to ruffle some religious feathers.
When you read it, you will know if it is for you or not. 
You have heard the term, “Don’t rock the boat.” It means, don’t say anything to upset people or cause problems. God is asking you to Rock the boat. Many of you have been promoted in the spirit and God is doing a quick work. You don’t know what He is doing, as He has not revealed it all, but you feel it rising up in your spirit. You have been feeling caged, restricted, pressed down. Anytime you attempt to step out into what God has called you to do, people around you begin to lash out. They are comfortable with you staying within a certain parameter, if you don’t step out of bounds. The thing is, you realize that what God has called you to do is not limited to your church, to Facebook, or the comfort of your cell phone. It has extended beyond the normal limits. God is wanting to extend your tent pegs and you know it. It would be easier to get people to understand, if you could explain what God was doing, but the fact is you don’t. You are going on faith and the feeling in your spirit that says, “there’s more to life than this. I was made for more.” You know who you are.
 Remember God always requires a sacrifice, what are you willing to pay to answer the call? If this Word is for you, then I already know. Your willing to lay it all down. Your willing to give it all up, but you just don’t know how. You have prayed and asked God, “How do I still honor my relationships and still do what you have called me to do?” 
Many of you Are in relationships that are restricting you, it could be your parents, your children, even your spouse that doesn’t understand the call on your life.
 If it is your spouse, understand that God designed for both of you to serve Him together, however, there are many relationships where one spouse is pursuing their purpose while the other one is not. It is not your job to be their Holy Spirit. All you can do is pray for them, but at the same time you need to set boundaries for yourself. If they are not willing to pursue their purpose that is not your responsibility. It’s like losing weight. You cannot make someone exercise or eat healthy. You can encourage them, but ultimately it is their choice. They must take responsibility for their physical as well as spiritual health.  You need to stop compromising, who God has called you to be to appease man. Regardless of who it is. I am not suggesting your ministry is first, but I am telling you God should be first. Your first covenant is to God. 
The Strategy

It will cause you to rock the boat. You need to Stand, stand for what you know is right. God is asking you to stand up for Him. Stand up for your purpose, for your destiny. For the people who need what you have. Many of you have sat in silence as people have mocked you, afraid to say anything, thinking you were just supposed to stay submissive. 
I am not telling you to forsake honor. I am telling you that there is a way to pursue your purpose and to do it righteously. You need to let them know what God is doing in your life, let them know that God is expanding you. You don’t need them to understand you, or even agree with you. But you do need them to trust you. To trust that you can hear from God, and allow you to do what He has called you to do without restriction. They can choose to partner in prayer with you. They can choose to walk with you. (that would be ideal)  But if they are not willing to release you or walk with you, you need to be able to make the tough decisions that may be necessary. 
Will you spend the rest of your life, appeasing man or will you rock the boat and do what you know God has called you to do, even if you don’t understand it all yet? You see, the enemy will use people to keep you in a comfort zone, to keep you contained, or limited to what God is doing in your life. You need to be discerning to recognize it. You’re living in a safety zone. The blessings are always outside your comfort zone.
God is giving you a strategy, He is telling you, “its time, its time, to step out and into what you know I have called you to do. I am looking for those willing to leave it all, for my sake. I am looking for those that are willing to trust me even when they don’t understand. Will you take my hand and trust me as I lead you?” God is calling us to a place of full surrender, we are truly in the end days and the harvest is great. But it will not come without a great sacrifice. I encourage you, if you are the one God is speaking to today. Stand your ground, fight for what you know is right. One of two things will happen. It will either encourage the people you love to walk with you or to release you. In which case, you have honored God first and your earthly relationships second. You will be able to pursue your purpose, blameless and with peace, either way. 
I bless you today and pray that you have the courage to rock the boat!

To do anything less than what you have been called to do, would be spiritual suicide.
#timetostepout #rocktheboat #Godfirst

Get Ready For The Shaking!



The shift has happened! On June 2nd I released a Word about feeling a sense of urgency, like I was running out of time to get things done and cleaned out. It feels like “spring cleaning,” only its summer! I wanted to start going through my house and getting rid of things I no longer needed, and organizing things that had become cluttered. God revealed to me today that as it is in the natural so it is in the spirit. What does that mean?

That means between now and fall, expect MAJOR life changes, God is going to require you to, “purge,” purge things that are no longer needed, get rid of bad habits, bad thoughts, wrong ideas. God is going to completely shatter the box of religiosity!! He is going to come through like He did in the temple, and make a mess of things!!

He will no longer be mocked, He will no longer be kept in a pretty little socialite box and He will no longer allow His children to be victims of this Religious/Legalistic Spirit that runs rampant in our perfectly padded pews. If your not ready for what God is going to do, you better hunker down then, because its going to take the nation by storm. This is on such a grand scale.

Everything that can be shaken will be. Expect more earthquakes in the natural as God is showing what is going on in the Spirit. God is shaking you to awaken you! It is to prepare you for what’s coming up quickly.

This is a season of divine Kingdom alignments and God will not be outdone, so because you have asked Him for His will, your going to get it. But it might not look like what you think. God is going to shake up business partnerships, church relationships, marriages. ANYTHING that is unequally yoked will be shaken off. But don’t fear as God never takes anything away without giving you something in return. Many of you have entered into relationships that were not ordained by God, He allowed it to grow you. But now it has served its purpose and where you are going, they cant go. So when people walk away, or you suddenly have a hardened heart towards people you thought were lifers. Be encouraged. Anything you give up for God will be restored to you!!

If you want what God has for you it WILL require sacrifice.

Get ready to be completely undone. Just be discerning to know what to keep and what to release. You wanted Gods Will, well here it comes. SUDDENLY things are SHAKING. I speak FREEDOM into you, freedom to be exactly who God called you to be with no limitations and nothing holding you back. And I speak a discerning spirit to help you navigate this new territory you will be occupying!–Choose Faith over Fear my friends and watch the impossible become possible with God!  Rejoice!! Your taking new ground for the Kingdom.
#shakinginthespirit #suddenly #kingdomalignments #glory #allthenationswilltremble #newterritory

New Season-New Identity


Happy Friday Friends.
Over the last couple of days I have felt a shift in the spirit. There’s a greater sense of urgency, an excitement for the future.

I feel like I’m running out of time to get things in order.
My home especially, I feel the need to downsize and purge stuff that’s no longer needed. So I’m excited to see what God is up to.

I am not surprised as we are in a new season. We are in a season of Pentecost…Holy Spirit fire. An outpouring of His Spirit.

Many of you have been in cocoons, being transformed in the darkness. It’s time to EMERGE with a new identity. God is going to be giving many of you new names, new identities in Him.–You won’t be recognizable to many that knew you. But rejoice!!

A butterfly never mourns over shedding it’s former self!! Get ready to fly!!

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