Get Ready For The Shaking!



The shift has happened! On June 2nd I released a Word about feeling a sense of urgency, like I was running out of time to get things done and cleaned out. It feels like “spring cleaning,” only its summer! I wanted to start going through my house and getting rid of things I no longer needed, and organizing things that had become cluttered. God revealed to me today that as it is in the natural so it is in the spirit. What does that mean?

That means between now and fall, expect MAJOR life changes, God is going to require you to, “purge,” purge things that are no longer needed, get rid of bad habits, bad thoughts, wrong ideas. God is going to completely shatter the box of religiosity!! He is going to come through like He did in the temple, and make a mess of things!!

He will no longer be mocked, He will no longer be kept in a pretty little socialite box and He will no longer allow His children to be victims of this Religious/Legalistic Spirit that runs rampant in our perfectly padded pews. If your not ready for what God is going to do, you better hunker down then, because its going to take the nation by storm. This is on such a grand scale.

Everything that can be shaken will be. Expect more earthquakes in the natural as God is showing what is going on in the Spirit. God is shaking you to awaken you! It is to prepare you for what’s coming up quickly.

This is a season of divine Kingdom alignments and God will not be outdone, so because you have asked Him for His will, your going to get it. But it might not look like what you think. God is going to shake up business partnerships, church relationships, marriages. ANYTHING that is unequally yoked will be shaken off. But don’t fear as God never takes anything away without giving you something in return. Many of you have entered into relationships that were not ordained by God, He allowed it to grow you. But now it has served its purpose and where you are going, they cant go. So when people walk away, or you suddenly have a hardened heart towards people you thought were lifers. Be encouraged. Anything you give up for God will be restored to you!!

If you want what God has for you it WILL require sacrifice.

Get ready to be completely undone. Just be discerning to know what to keep and what to release. You wanted Gods Will, well here it comes. SUDDENLY things are SHAKING. I speak FREEDOM into you, freedom to be exactly who God called you to be with no limitations and nothing holding you back. And I speak a discerning spirit to help you navigate this new territory you will be occupying!–Choose Faith over Fear my friends and watch the impossible become possible with God!  Rejoice!! Your taking new ground for the Kingdom.
#shakinginthespirit #suddenly #kingdomalignments #glory #allthenationswilltremble #newterritory

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