Rock The Boat!

I believe I have a very strategic word for some of you. This is not a general word by any means. And its definitely going to ruffle some religious feathers.
When you read it, you will know if it is for you or not. 
You have heard the term, “Don’t rock the boat.” It means, don’t say anything to upset people or cause problems. God is asking you to Rock the boat. Many of you have been promoted in the spirit and God is doing a quick work. You don’t know what He is doing, as He has not revealed it all, but you feel it rising up in your spirit. You have been feeling caged, restricted, pressed down. Anytime you attempt to step out into what God has called you to do, people around you begin to lash out. They are comfortable with you staying within a certain parameter, if you don’t step out of bounds. The thing is, you realize that what God has called you to do is not limited to your church, to Facebook, or the comfort of your cell phone. It has extended beyond the normal limits. God is wanting to extend your tent pegs and you know it. It would be easier to get people to understand, if you could explain what God was doing, but the fact is you don’t. You are going on faith and the feeling in your spirit that says, “there’s more to life than this. I was made for more.” You know who you are.
 Remember God always requires a sacrifice, what are you willing to pay to answer the call? If this Word is for you, then I already know. Your willing to lay it all down. Your willing to give it all up, but you just don’t know how. You have prayed and asked God, “How do I still honor my relationships and still do what you have called me to do?” 
Many of you Are in relationships that are restricting you, it could be your parents, your children, even your spouse that doesn’t understand the call on your life.
 If it is your spouse, understand that God designed for both of you to serve Him together, however, there are many relationships where one spouse is pursuing their purpose while the other one is not. It is not your job to be their Holy Spirit. All you can do is pray for them, but at the same time you need to set boundaries for yourself. If they are not willing to pursue their purpose that is not your responsibility. It’s like losing weight. You cannot make someone exercise or eat healthy. You can encourage them, but ultimately it is their choice. They must take responsibility for their physical as well as spiritual health.  You need to stop compromising, who God has called you to be to appease man. Regardless of who it is. I am not suggesting your ministry is first, but I am telling you God should be first. Your first covenant is to God. 
The Strategy

It will cause you to rock the boat. You need to Stand, stand for what you know is right. God is asking you to stand up for Him. Stand up for your purpose, for your destiny. For the people who need what you have. Many of you have sat in silence as people have mocked you, afraid to say anything, thinking you were just supposed to stay submissive. 
I am not telling you to forsake honor. I am telling you that there is a way to pursue your purpose and to do it righteously. You need to let them know what God is doing in your life, let them know that God is expanding you. You don’t need them to understand you, or even agree with you. But you do need them to trust you. To trust that you can hear from God, and allow you to do what He has called you to do without restriction. They can choose to partner in prayer with you. They can choose to walk with you. (that would be ideal)  But if they are not willing to release you or walk with you, you need to be able to make the tough decisions that may be necessary. 
Will you spend the rest of your life, appeasing man or will you rock the boat and do what you know God has called you to do, even if you don’t understand it all yet? You see, the enemy will use people to keep you in a comfort zone, to keep you contained, or limited to what God is doing in your life. You need to be discerning to recognize it. You’re living in a safety zone. The blessings are always outside your comfort zone.
God is giving you a strategy, He is telling you, “its time, its time, to step out and into what you know I have called you to do. I am looking for those willing to leave it all, for my sake. I am looking for those that are willing to trust me even when they don’t understand. Will you take my hand and trust me as I lead you?” God is calling us to a place of full surrender, we are truly in the end days and the harvest is great. But it will not come without a great sacrifice. I encourage you, if you are the one God is speaking to today. Stand your ground, fight for what you know is right. One of two things will happen. It will either encourage the people you love to walk with you or to release you. In which case, you have honored God first and your earthly relationships second. You will be able to pursue your purpose, blameless and with peace, either way. 
I bless you today and pray that you have the courage to rock the boat!

To do anything less than what you have been called to do, would be spiritual suicide.
#timetostepout #rocktheboat #Godfirst

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