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July 2017

Moving In Grace.

I feel the Lord is saying that this is a season of Grace. Grace means unmerited favor. It also means when we make mistakes or align ourselves with the wrong people, He will show mercy on us. Many of you have been beguiled, tricked, into situations.

What you thought was a good thing was in fact nothing short of a direct attack from the enemy to delay your destiny.

Note, I said delay, because there is no enemy in hell or man on earth that can stop what God wants to do in your life. Only you have that ability to abort Gods plans, due to free will.

The Grace that God is extending in this season is going to allow you to leave churches, leadership, jobs, cities, relationships with a covering.

You are being removed out of situations that are hindering your walk with God. Anyone that has tried to control or manipulate you, God is releasing you from them. God is jealous of you and your calling. He will not be hindered by anyone.

But this Grace move is not without effort on your part. You must be quick to obey when He says go.

Otherwise, you will endure unnecessary warfare. Anytime God has called us out of one thing, it is to enter another. When you delay for too long the grace is gone and it ends up costing your more time and headache. So, I encourage you, for those of you in transition, be discerning, listen for instruction and act when He tells you to. It will cost you dearly if you delay. Remember, your destiny is not about you. It is about your legacy and the people that God has called you to influence.

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.. #movingingrace #donotfear


In order to heal and move forward you must practice the words FORGIVENESS. I know its very hard, but just as important as it is to forgive others who have hurt us, it is equally important to forgive ourselves.
When we don’t learn to let go and forgive ourselves for things we have done, we keep ourselves in a prison God never deigned for us. We limit Gods ability to move in our lives when we refuse to let go and Trust Him to carry the burdens we have been clinging to for years.
There is power in the name of Jesus, He came to break every chain. Even the chains over your own mind of fears and failures.
Friends, we have ALL fallen short, we have all made mistakes and some pretty bad ones, I know I have. But I would not be able to walk and live in the freedom that I do, if I had not learned to let go of all that junk. The enemy loves to torment us with our failures and we give him a playground when we are not willing to even try and let things go. 
I know people who live in daily torment, this can also cause Anxiety and Depression and Anger. This is NOT of God. This is a curse of the enemy to keep us in bondage.
I encourage you today, as hard as it may be. Ask God to help you forgive others and yourself. He will be quick to respond as He wants you free! That has always been His desire for us.

Nothing you confess could make Him love you less.

“So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.” John 8:36NLT

#forgiveness #forgiveyourself #Godlovesyou #nosintoogreat


“If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life [in the sense of indifference to or relative disregard for them in comparison with his attitude toward God]—he cannot be My disciple. Luke 14:26 AMP

Wow, what God is saying here is that if you love any one, including yourself more than you love me, you cannot be my disciple!

Many people wonder why they are not walking in the things of God like they want to be. I challenge you today to think about your priorities. If you hold anything above God, even your children or your spouse which many people do. (I admit I did that too until  God revealed it to me) Your priorities are out of order.

I understand its so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life that we pour all our time into our family or our jobs. God wants us to take care of our families, but not at the expense of us spending time with Him.

What you may not understand is that God loves you so much the reason He wants your time, is because when you truly love someone, you want to talk with them, encourage them and bless them. God wants YOU. He wants to pour His amazing love on you. He wants to give you peace and strength for the busy life you live. He wants you to know that He has amazing things in store for you, and He wants to be able to tell you Himself, without you depending on your pastor or the next prophetic voice to encourage you. 

He is so in love with you, you have no idea! And it grieves HIs heart when we reject Him, by staying too busy we don’t make time for Him. 

I have found as a wife, mother, business owner, and encourager to His people, if I make time for Him FIRST, everything else works better. I have more time, more patience, more strength to do all the things this life demands of me. But when I skip out on that time, it can quickly become chaos where I feel pulled at every end and have nothing left to give. 

So friends, I encourage you, if you truly want to be a disciple of Jesus and have that intimate connection with Him, it will only come by putting Him FIRST! He is not a dictator, He does not desire your time for selfish reasons. He desires you, because He is madly in love with you! It is my heart that you would truly and completely begin to believe that, because once you do. 

Your life will never be the same!

#Hisdisciple #Godismadlyinlovewithyou #trustHim


You know, I was sitting here praising God for a dear friend of mine that had victory in her life over a situation. She had gone through a nasty 2 year long divorce and was finally awarded her home, for her children. But as I sat here encouraging her, I couldn’t help but think about my own life and how I too had gone through a nasty divorce not so long ago. 

    Now keep in mind,  if you have never  experienced a divorce you don’t have a clue, I say this, not to be mean, but because there are so many people that I personally encountered that “Judged me” based on my decisions. They either had never been married or had never experienced a divorce. 
     Let me begin with, Divorce is NOT a sin, and your not going to hell and your purpose is not voided!

    I am not going to go into scripture, to create a religious debate. Although, I will tell you I’ve done many hours of research. But more importantly I’ve spent countless hours on God’s chest, listening to His heart over this matter.

    I do believe that it DOES grieve Gods heart when we go through divorce. God does not want this for us because it hurts his children and it destroys families. 

    I am not justifying divorce. I think you should do everything within your power to make it work. That’s why I was married for 17 years. But I also don’t believe that my Father in heaven thinks its ok to be in an unhealthy relationship with someone who does not want to change, or an abusive relationship. Mental, physical, spiritual or emotional. You should never stay in a relationship that is abusive, I don’t care what the religious community says. Make sure you and your kids are in a safe environment.

    If you have ever experienced a divorce, there is a certain level of shame that comes with it. Lets face it, it means you failed at something. It doesn’t always make it your fault, it just means something you tried and it didn’t work. Sometimes we experience divorce not by choice, but because the other person chose. But either way, it is still very painful, whether you wanted it or not. Regardless of who chose to walk away, you need to let go of the shame. Its not yours to carry.

    Divorce is NOT for the weak. Divorce is painful, expensive, and mentally, emotionally exhausting. It takes everything you have just to go on during that time. And when I say its long, if your lucky it will take 6 months. But if you have acquired anything in the marriage or have been married a decent amount of time, 6 months is a figment of  your imagination. I’ve known people that it took 3 years, 2 years and almost 2 years for me. So, if you think its quick and easy its not! 

    Expect a fight, You better know that the other person most likely will do everything in their power to make you look like the worst human being on the planet. Expect to be lied about, talked about and shunned. Divorce is not for the weak.

    Expect to be rejected. This was a big wake up call for me. You need to know that divorce is a weed eater! You are going to find out real quick the people in your life that are genuine and adding to your garden of life and the people that are choking you out by being a weed! I lost so many people including family members when I went though my divorce. At first I was devastated, I didn’t understand how these people that I had poured my life into could turn on me so quickly. Most had never even asked me what happened, they just believed the lies that were being told. But guess what? I thank God every day for that pruning of people out of my life. I obviously didn’t need them in my life anymore, they were just a weed. 

    My season with them is over. So if you have experienced the same thing, even though its painful. Let them go. Don’t go chasing them down, trying to apologize. God removed them for a reason. Let them be. Who cares what they think, their opinion of you is not your business! They are a weed.

    Forgiveness. Ouch this one hurts. Yes, the most important thing I learned is to forgive. I am learning to forgive the people that rejected me. God revealed to me recently that I still had unforgivness. So He is bringing those people to mind and allowing me to forgive them. Just the other morning on my walk I saw someone that had hurt me deeply, I wanted to walk around them but God said no. So I walked passed them and purposely said hello and asked them how they were. I didn’t stop for small talk, I just kept going, they acknowledged me, but as I walked away I said in my heart, “I forgive you.” I felt an immediate release from that person.

    You also need to forgive your spouse. No matter what they did, Now I had said I forgive you, but God showed me there is still unforgiveness. That pain in my heart isn’t hurting them, its keeping me in bondage. So its important no matter what you experienced that you forgive them and then release them. It isn’t easy but God will help.

    Now the biggest area of forgiveness, is not always with other people, but learning to forgive yourself. Again, shame comes in and tells you, your a failure. There were a lot of things I could have done different through the years, so for those things I have to forgive myself and move on. I cant keep letting the enemy remind me of my past. I repented and I have to let it go. The enemy keeps reminding me of what others have done to me, I have to forgive them and let it go. Its a process of healing.

    Friends, let me tell you this from the deepest part of my heart. God loves you so very much. Divorce is not the end of your world, although it feels like it at times. It is simply now a part of your testimony. Divorce does not define you, what you have done in your past isn’t what defines you, but rather what obstacles you have overcome defines who you are! 

    Is God mad at you or disappointed in you because you went through a divorce or 2 or 3 even? No. Yes his heart is sad because you are in pain. But hes not mad at you. He made you. God says “before I formed you in your mothers womb, I knew you.” Jeremiah 1:5 (paraphrased) 

    So He knew everything you were ever going to experience. He knew what you would say or do or not do. He isn’t surprised by anything that has happened in your life. Can you imagine God sitting up in heaven saying, “Wow Peter, I had no idea (insert your name here) was going to make that choice, I cant believe she/he is doing that, what are we going to do now?”

    I laugh when I think about it like that. But I also praise God that He knew me. He knew the choices I would make, and He already had a plan ready for me. You see just because I made that choice doesn’t mean God loves me less or that my purpose is now voided. NO…God says that” ALL things work for the good of those who love the lord and are called according to his purpose”. Romans 8:28 (my favorite) That means that because I am his child, I repent of my sins, my purpose is still mine.

    He uses everything we go through in life to help others, which is exactly why I am able to write this. Because my mess, is now my message. So friends, don’t struggle with shame or guilt. Let it go. Know that God still has an amazing plan for your life, if you will continue to trust him even when things don’t go right, His purpose will be revealed. There is life after divorce, there is hope and there is peace.

    Gods love is everlasting, His grace is sufficient and his mercy is new everyday. And your going to get through this because you are so much stronger than you think you are!

    Friends, divorce is not the end of your life, just a season. It is however the beginning to a whole new life, of something new and amazing. Learn from your mistakes and move forward knowing, your best days are still ahead! Despite what you may see around you.

     Jeremiah 29:11

    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


    Just recently a friend had posted how he and his daughter were at the park swinging on the swings. His daughter encouraged him to close his eyes just for fun.
    His words; 
    “It was amazing! The breeze blowing on my face. The mystery of not knowing where I was. At one point I saw Jesus with this huge smile on His face laughing with me lol.”
    Friends, THIS is the example that God has set before us. THIS is exactly the position God wants our hearts to be in. To be completely yielded that when He says close your eyes. We are obedient. He wants us to have the childlike faith to believe with Him, to trust Him and to know that we are safe with Him.
    This new season requires Big Faith to go boldly into places you have never been, to relocate to cities you have never traveled. To minister in new ways, to new people. 
    Now, this Word is for everyone. But not everyone will move into this new season. Friends, there are people in your life who cannot go where you are going. They have not prepared themselves and they have not stewarded the gifts God has given them. They will remain where they are. 
    We often wonder how some people move up quickly in the spirit and how other believers stay stuck. Those people are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to go to the next level.
    This new season is going to leave a lot of people stuck because they wont move without explicit instructions. They need a plan. This is NOT that season. This is a season of moving totally on faith. One step at a time faith. Faith that wears a blindfold but follows the gentle whisper of the Father that says, “Follow me.”
    So, I encourage you to keep that childlike faith, close your eyes, and get ready to be amazed as you trust Him and as you find your self in a place you would have never expected!


    Here is a Scripture I really want you to ponder on as God revealed it to me with fresh eyes.

    “BY FAITH, ABRAHAM (insert your name here) -Gypsy- obeyed when he/she was called to go out to the place which he/she would receive as an inheritance. AND he/she went out, NOT KNOWING where, he/she was going.” Hebrews 11:8
    God is calling you to a new place. He is telling you that you will be going, but He may not be telling you where. And that can be stressful and even induce fear as we want everything figured out before hand. That’s why this is a new season and what worked before wont work now.
    What God is doing now is going to require complete surrender, faith and stretching. If you are willing, He will take you on an amazing adventure, more than you could EVER imagine.
    But in order to enter this NEW PROMISED LAND….you must be quick to obey and be willing to step out without having all the answers. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake. God knows you are learning to hear His voice and to move totally on faith. So there is grace, He’s Got you!!
    Its time, I cant tell you enough. ITS TIME ITS TIME!! ITS TIME!!
    Step into your promise, step into your destiny. YOU ARE being sent on assignment! You have a job to do. DO not delay. Your future and the future of others, depend ON YOUR OBEDIENCE!

    Walk by faith.



    Friends, I am so beside myself right now! God is so faithful and It is my responsibility as His advocate to share How amazing He really is and How the Words I have been sharing our coming to fruition! I planted a $30 seed into Ryan LeStrange Ministry recently. 9 Days later, someone contacted me and asked how they could give to my ministry. (it was my very first offering) They planted a $100 seed. They prophesied that more people would follow!

    I then sowed $50 of that into Jennifer LeClaire‘s ministry. The very next day, Someone asked me how they could make a monthly donation to my ministry! They made a pledge of $25 a month! That’s $300 a year!!Tell me that’s not God! Tell me He isn’t making a way. Tell me He isn’t bringing provision from unexpected resources. Tell me He isn’t opening new doors! ( You cant! ) Its not possible.

    I am sharing this, because He isn’t just doing it for me!! He will do it for you too. You need to get your seed into fertile ground! Even if all you have is $10. Find some place to plant it! I am telling you, right now we are living in a supernatural season. This is just the beginning! Buckle up friends, we are going on the adventure of a Lifetime!

    Malachai 3:10″Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test Me now in this,” says the LORD of hosts, “if I will not open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows. God does not NEED your money!! He wants your faithfulness. If you have been sowing and not reaping, consider the ground your planting it in. That DOES matter!


    Come With Me.

    In the wee hours of the morning sometime in between sleep I heard the Words, “Come With Me.” I then had a vision where I saw myself sitting inside of a Roller Coaster. It was dark and I couldn’t see anything but what was in front of me. It wasn’t a scary sense like, up and down, trials. I wasn’t fearful at all. In fact I had a sense of excitement, to get ready for a fun ride, like I did when I was kid. 
    I know that God was telling me to keep my eyes on Him, (straight ahead) where the light was pointing, as I could not see anything without it. I felt it was a glimpse into the new season. Not just for me, but for many of you, who have been waiting on that season, where you could just rest and enjoy the ride of life. 
    I feel very strongly that there are going to be so many new adventures in the future. We will be like little children, excited for what’s to come. I already have such a high level of expectancy, beyond anything I have ever felt before. Something so incredibly wild, its going to exceed our expectations. We are going to be Awe struck, with what God does. 
    As a believer with the gift of faith. Not just a measure of faith. I want to impart to you, a new level of faith today. A higher level of expectancy. To believe for bigger and better, to dream like a kid again. I know you have got your hopes up before and have been let down.
    But it wont be like that this time. God is making a way. The enemy is being pushed a side to make room for Gods kids to come through, higher, stronger, filled with joy and love for Him. Friends, it is our season, to live a life filled with excitement and joy and amazing new adventures. A life that shows the goodness of our Heavenly Father!
    A life that leaves us awestruck, and the world wondering how we are so blessed.
    Truly, a life that brings great honor to our Father.

    God is inviting us…”Come with me, lets go on an adventure.”
    #awestruck #getreadyfortherideofyourlife #newfaithandhope #propheticword #newhope

    Pushing Though The Pain

    ready set push

    God laid something on my heart this morning. He reminded me, that In order to pursue His promises we need to stay strong. And in order to deliver our promises, we must stay stronger!

    YOU see the enemy, is not going to relent in pursuing us, trying to destroy what God wants to do in our lives. He knows the power we carry.

    But WE know that God is our protector! He is the gentle Dr. waiting to deliver us.

    Friends, many of you are just one push away from birthing what God has been incubating for years. But, just like in the natural when a woman is giving birth, she’s growing tired, but she must keep pushing.

    She’s at the last stage and she knows that there’s no more resting, she knows this is going to be very painful, but it MUST be done.

    Or she risks the baby’s life and possibly her own.

    I sense, there are some of you that are going to have to go through something painful to deliver your baby!

    You’re going to have to let go of things holding you back. You’re going to have to let go of possibly, people and places. Where God is taking you, they cannot go.

    I know you’re thinking, “my God, I’ve been through so much already!” And it’s true, but if you’re honest a lot of what you have experienced is due to the poor choices you made. God will always use it for our good, but we still have to endure the consequences.

    But it’s going to be quick! You’ve already endured the hardest part.

    My friend, this is THE push. This is it, and once you get through this, there will be a season of rest, and joy, so much joy! You will look back in awe of what God has done in such a short amount if time.

    YOU see, when we release our will to His, He makes a way. He allows things to happen, to push us forward into our destiny. Everything you have been through, is for this moment in life! Right now, it’s here.

    But…..will you trust Him to deliver you? Or will you allow your baby to die on the birthing table, because you were too afraid to push?

    The time is now! It’s go time.
    YOU are being delivered.
    #encouragement #push

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