Come With Me.

In the wee hours of the morning sometime in between sleep I heard the Words, “Come With Me.” I then had a vision where I saw myself sitting inside of a Roller Coaster. It was dark and I couldn’t see anything but what was in front of me. It wasn’t a scary sense like, up and down, trials. I wasn’t fearful at all. In fact I had a sense of excitement, to get ready for a fun ride, like I did when I was kid. 
I know that God was telling me to keep my eyes on Him, (straight ahead) where the light was pointing, as I could not see anything without it. I felt it was a glimpse into the new season. Not just for me, but for many of you, who have been waiting on that season, where you could just rest and enjoy the ride of life. 
I feel very strongly that there are going to be so many new adventures in the future. We will be like little children, excited for what’s to come. I already have such a high level of expectancy, beyond anything I have ever felt before. Something so incredibly wild, its going to exceed our expectations. We are going to be Awe struck, with what God does. 
As a believer with the gift of faith. Not just a measure of faith. I want to impart to you, a new level of faith today. A higher level of expectancy. To believe for bigger and better, to dream like a kid again. I know you have got your hopes up before and have been let down.
But it wont be like that this time. God is making a way. The enemy is being pushed a side to make room for Gods kids to come through, higher, stronger, filled with joy and love for Him. Friends, it is our season, to live a life filled with excitement and joy and amazing new adventures. A life that shows the goodness of our Heavenly Father!
A life that leaves us awestruck, and the world wondering how we are so blessed.
Truly, a life that brings great honor to our Father.

God is inviting us…”Come with me, lets go on an adventure.”
#awestruck #getreadyfortherideofyourlife #newfaithandhope #propheticword #newhope

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