Here is a Scripture I really want you to ponder on as God revealed it to me with fresh eyes.

“BY FAITH, ABRAHAM (insert your name here) -Gypsy- obeyed when he/she was called to go out to the place which he/she would receive as an inheritance. AND he/she went out, NOT KNOWING where, he/she was going.” Hebrews 11:8
God is calling you to a new place. He is telling you that you will be going, but He may not be telling you where. And that can be stressful and even induce fear as we want everything figured out before hand. That’s why this is a new season and what worked before wont work now.
What God is doing now is going to require complete surrender, faith and stretching. If you are willing, He will take you on an amazing adventure, more than you could EVER imagine.
But in order to enter this NEW PROMISED LAND….you must be quick to obey and be willing to step out without having all the answers. Don’t be afraid of making a mistake. God knows you are learning to hear His voice and to move totally on faith. So there is grace, He’s Got you!!
Its time, I cant tell you enough. ITS TIME ITS TIME!! ITS TIME!!
Step into your promise, step into your destiny. YOU ARE being sent on assignment! You have a job to do. DO not delay. Your future and the future of others, depend ON YOUR OBEDIENCE!

Walk by faith.

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