Just recently a friend had posted how he and his daughter were at the park swinging on the swings. His daughter encouraged him to close his eyes just for fun.
His words; 
“It was amazing! The breeze blowing on my face. The mystery of not knowing where I was. At one point I saw Jesus with this huge smile on His face laughing with me lol.”
Friends, THIS is the example that God has set before us. THIS is exactly the position God wants our hearts to be in. To be completely yielded that when He says close your eyes. We are obedient. He wants us to have the childlike faith to believe with Him, to trust Him and to know that we are safe with Him.
This new season requires Big Faith to go boldly into places you have never been, to relocate to cities you have never traveled. To minister in new ways, to new people. 
Now, this Word is for everyone. But not everyone will move into this new season. Friends, there are people in your life who cannot go where you are going. They have not prepared themselves and they have not stewarded the gifts God has given them. They will remain where they are. 
We often wonder how some people move up quickly in the spirit and how other believers stay stuck. Those people are not willing to make the sacrifices necessary to go to the next level.
This new season is going to leave a lot of people stuck because they wont move without explicit instructions. They need a plan. This is NOT that season. This is a season of moving totally on faith. One step at a time faith. Faith that wears a blindfold but follows the gentle whisper of the Father that says, “Follow me.”
So, I encourage you to keep that childlike faith, close your eyes, and get ready to be amazed as you trust Him and as you find your self in a place you would have never expected!

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