In order to heal and move forward you must practice the words FORGIVENESS. I know its very hard, but just as important as it is to forgive others who have hurt us, it is equally important to forgive ourselves.
When we don’t learn to let go and forgive ourselves for things we have done, we keep ourselves in a prison God never deigned for us. We limit Gods ability to move in our lives when we refuse to let go and Trust Him to carry the burdens we have been clinging to for years.
There is power in the name of Jesus, He came to break every chain. Even the chains over your own mind of fears and failures.
Friends, we have ALL fallen short, we have all made mistakes and some pretty bad ones, I know I have. But I would not be able to walk and live in the freedom that I do, if I had not learned to let go of all that junk. The enemy loves to torment us with our failures and we give him a playground when we are not willing to even try and let things go. 
I know people who live in daily torment, this can also cause Anxiety and Depression and Anger. This is NOT of God. This is a curse of the enemy to keep us in bondage.
I encourage you today, as hard as it may be. Ask God to help you forgive others and yourself. He will be quick to respond as He wants you free! That has always been His desire for us.

Nothing you confess could make Him love you less.

“So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.” John 8:36NLT

#forgiveness #forgiveyourself #Godlovesyou #nosintoogreat

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