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August 2017


Alright guys and gals listen up! I am gonna get real, real with yall! I have had countless messages from people sad and depressed because they are lonely and don’t have a mate. Some have been married, divorced, some never married. I understand that every person desires to be loved. Every person needs to be loved. After all LOVE is in our DNA. God created us with love in mind. And you deserve love. Now, it breaks my heart to see people so desperate for love that they are willing to settle for just anyone who will pay them a complement! This applies to both men and women. They are just so desperate to be married, to feel love and have a companion, they would rather settle than wait on God. Trust me I have made PLENTY of mistakes when it comes to relationships, so I consider myself wiser in this area! 🙂 I have made many bad decisions and paid a hefty price because I was more interested in satisfying my flesh. They looked good, they talked smooth and they were good in bed. (I told you I was keeping it real :p) That right there is enough to keep anyone bound in a toxic relationship! Sex and money(security) are the 2 things I have found that keep people bound the most. Next is Religious bondage. Now I am well aware that we should all wait to have sex until we are married. So don’t start bashing me for talking about it. But lets be honest, we all did not grow up in a Godly home and learn how to do the right things! Do I know now? Of course and if you are saved so should you. Now. I am fired up about this because I don’t want you to keep going through the same revolving door! And neither does Jesus. His heart breaks every time we give a piece of ourselves away to satisfy the flesh. Incase you’re unaware, you create soul ties with every person you have ever had sex with. Ouch for some of you;) Get some deliverance, its all good. :p Okay, so what is God teaching us? I will tell you what He has been teaching me. And that is, if we want the BEST….not okay or good. BUT THE BEST!! You need to wait on God. Trust Him for the details. Stop walking in the flesh and learn to walk in the spirit! You want a GODLY man or woman. Not a church girl or boy. There’s a big difference. I am sorry that you have been hurt, betrayed, rejected and abused by people. But I need you to know that there ARE good Godly men and women left in the world. You need to FIRST work on your own healing and deliverance and prepare yourself to be a good spouse! Then pray and ask God to bless you with someone who is sold out for the kingdom, (not religion) cause that’s a mess in itself. God is going to start creating POWER COUPLES in this new season. Men and women that when aligned will walk in the FULLNESS that marriage was designed for. They will be the example of what everyone desires to have. Love, respect, honor, joy, faithfulness and heart sold out for Jesus. Watch and see!! So I pray that this encourages you and helps you to see that YOU DO DESERVE LOVE, but you deserve the REAL THING. Stop settling for less than what you deserve. Get yourself healed and wait on God for His power mate for you! Pass it on…we all know someone that needs this message! #walkingthespirit #stoppleasingtheflesh #waitonGod #realtalk #born2inspirelife #theystillexsist #powercouples #healinganddeliverence

Walk In The Spirit

💟WALK IN THE SPIRIT God is in the business of Alignment. The Enemy is in the business of Mis-alignment. God sends people to bless you. The enemy sends people to distract you. You need to be able to discern who you are connecting with! The reason so many people including myself, have found themself off track at times, is because we allowed our flesh to choose for us, rather than waiting on God. At some point we need to be mature enough to let God lead and stop trying to do things our own way. That’s the only way we can stop the revolving door! God is asking us to trust Him with EVERY thing. Every dream, every desire, every relationship, every failure and every success. ❤Father, help us to trust you. Help us to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh. Help us to just be still as we wait on you for those divine kingdom connections. Amen. #discernpeopleinyourlife #walkinthespirit #trustHim #born2inspirelife #kingdomconnections

Reinforcements Are On The Way!

Reinforcements Are On The Way!

I have a small group of intercessors that I pray with. We have all been under extreme warfare as I know many of you have as well. It seems every where you turn you are getting slammed. You know what God has spoken to your heart and you are trying desperately to cling to that truth, but the enemy is such a punk and he is relentless. He brings confusion, doubt, sickness and weariness to you. Many of you are feeling like, “whats the point?” The point is you are SO CLOSE and the enemy knows it!! I encourage you today to remember that the battle is NOT yours it belongs to the Lord. As I was praying for one of my intercessors this morning, I had a vision of many people on the frontlines of battle and they were ready to lay down they were so tired. But, SUDDENLY I saw these Giant War Angels swooping down and picking people up off the battle field and carrying them to safety, they did it so quickly it was like an Eagle swooping down to get a fish. It was so quick and smooth, as fast as they were carrying people off I saw more Angels dropping on the battlefield and taking our place. It was such a smooth transition! So I encourage you today! Don’t give up. Reinforcements are on the way!! 2 Chronicles 32:7 – Be strong and courageous, be not afraid nor dismayed for the king of Assyria, nor for all the multitude that [is] with him: for [there be] more with us than with him #reinforcementsareontheway #dontgiveup #youaretooclosetoquitnow #thebattleistheLords #almostthere

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