💟WALK IN THE SPIRIT God is in the business of Alignment. The Enemy is in the business of Mis-alignment. God sends people to bless you. The enemy sends people to distract you. You need to be able to discern who you are connecting with! The reason so many people including myself, have found themself off track at times, is because we allowed our flesh to choose for us, rather than waiting on God. At some point we need to be mature enough to let God lead and stop trying to do things our own way. That’s the only way we can stop the revolving door! God is asking us to trust Him with EVERY thing. Every dream, every desire, every relationship, every failure and every success. ❤Father, help us to trust you. Help us to walk in the spirit and not in the flesh. Help us to just be still as we wait on you for those divine kingdom connections. Amen. #discernpeopleinyourlife #walkinthespirit #trustHim #born2inspirelife #kingdomconnections