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September 2017

Coming Out Of The Rubble.

I had a vision about a week ago, it was right around the time of the earthquakes. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t just seeing those who had actually been in an earthquake. After much prayer I just could not shake it off. I felt the Lord wanted me to encourage His people.

My vision was short but powerful. In it, I saw building rubble all around. As if an earthquake had taken place. I then saw someone push their way through the huge blocks covering them and stand strong to their feet. The cement blocks were huge and the ease of the person emerging, was as if they were simply made out of foam. I just saw them standing there proud and tall, not hurt, not shaken.

Back in June I released a word about God shaking things, titled, “Get Ready For The shaking.” (you can find it on my website) Everything that can be shaken would be and we would begin to see earthquakes in the natural.

I believe what I saw is a prophetic picture of those who have been shaken, those who have had their lives come crashing down around them. What was meant to kill you, will not even harm you. Everything around you may be shaking, but YOU WILL NOT BE MOVED. You will come out, victorious and not just alive, but strong and confident.

Be encouraged friends, you are coming out of the rubble. God is indeed moving powerfully. If you feel like things are falling a part. It could be that God is allowing things to fall away, and only that which HE has formed will remain standing.
Psalm 62:6-“Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.”
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Declaring A New Me!

PLEASE EXCUSE ME….But I feel as if I need to reintroduce myself. I felt a boldness rise up in me yesterday.

I am no longer the person I used to be. I am stronger, wiser, braver and bolder than ever before.

I left my failures, and insecurities at the feet of Jesus. Out of the ashes, I have emerged with a fire in my belly. It burns so fiercely it can only be quenched by the Father Himself.

I have been called to be a Prophet to the Nations, and to the Nations I will go! Social Media is my platform and I will use it to share the goodness of God and Revive and Rally the troops.

I will restore, train and equip others to continue fighting the good fight.

I will NO longer water myself down for anyone who cannot handle me at 100 proof. I will no longer shrink back, to make others feel more secure around me.

I declare from this day forward, I will NOT be hindered or delayed any longer in what God has orchestrated for my life.

I will boldly declare the joy of the Lord & speak the heart of the Father, to whomever, whenever He leads.

I will leave a legacy that will extend through my children’s, children’s grandchildren and beyond.

I am mandated to Create and distribute wealth to and for the Kingdom.

I BOLDLY declare I am OUT OF THE CAVE…and I am going to reach into the darkness to restore God’s people back to Him!!

Because through HIM I am Born2Inspire.

I speak BOLDNESS into YOU today.

Luke 4:18
“The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free.”

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NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS! No sin is too great!!

Friends, I have something I want to share. I will probably even do a video about it:) Today was a day, that God showed His favor and blessings in such an intimate way to me personally.

I had a writing ministry years ago and I truly loved it, I had a Faith Column that I wrote in every week for 7 years, for our local newspaper. I was faithful in ministry and involved in several different things, including running for our local City Council. I guess I have always been a change agent at heart. I didn’t win, but I learned a lot. During that time when I appeared to have many successes and recognition by my peers, I was a mess. I was hiding behind a genuine smile, but a hidden pain of abuse. I was in a very toxic marriage. He was not physically abusive, but in every other way, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and sexually. I did well to hide it. Only my mom who helped me through it knew. After much fear, pain and countless hours of tears and prayers. I moved out and filed for divorce. It went against biblically what I thought was right.

However, I had to decide between what religion made me believe and what I knew to be true about my God. That He is loving and kind and merciful. Yes, He hates divorce, because it hurts families. But I don’t believe for one second that God ever created marriage for us to be abused. If I had not believed the heart of God, I would have suffered at the hands of religion til death.

I was mocked by friends, peers and even family, who had round table discussions about what a hypocrite I was. I was accused of horrible things and I could barely breathe most days from the suffocation of religious bondage most people tried to condemn me with.

People, said I should go back for the kids, go back because your sinning against God. Someone even came to my home and tried to give me a prophetic word that if I went back God would restore. I never believed that. If they knew what I had endured for 17 years they wouldn’t believe it either. Prophesy should always confirm and exhort and bring correction in love when needed. Not condemnation.

I cried out to God, because more than anything I was afraid of disappointing Him. No one else just Jesus. And so I said, “God, please don’t make me go back, but if you want me to go back, I will, because I love you, .”
Very clearly, I heard, “he is not the best I have for you.”

1.5 years later our divorce was over. 3 months after our divorce was final my ex husband died unexpectedly.

You see God was protecting me the whole time. I made so many mistakes, I didn’t always respond in love, I wasn’t always nice. But God protected me. I spent the last 5 years in a cave, hiding, healing, being restored.

Today, is a special day for me as the promises that God made to me about restoring all that was lost and giving me more, are coming to fruition. This year, I am stronger, wiser, and braver. This year my gifts made room for me. And today, a dream that God put in my heart about becoming an influence in Social Media, for His Glory came true. As He showed His faithfulness by allowing me to be featured on the Elijah List.

Friends, you are NEVER too far gone, NEVER so bad off that God wont restore you. NEVER so sinful that He forgets why He made you. God is Faithful and as we remain faithful to HIM even in our darkest hours, WE WILL WALK IN THE JOY OF THE LORD. And God will shine so brightly through you, that people will naturally be drawn to you. I bless you. NEVER GIVE UP!!

I am not proud of my divorce, but I will not let it go to waste. The enemy purposed 2 kill me.. But…..GOD WILL GET THE GLORY!
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You Were Born 2 Change Lives

We are all born with this amazing ability to change people’s lives. It’s the God that lives in us, that allows this.

But sometimes life gets so hard, we have nothing left for anyone else. If that’s the case, then just use that same amazing power to work on changing yours.

If you are not happy in your life, if you are not where you thought you’d be by now, then start making one daily change towards fixing it.

It’s never too late to begin Again!
YOU…my friends were born for something amazing. Don’t waste it.
Because you…are so much stronger than you think you are.💪💪
#secondchances #beginagain #onedailychange #youarestrong


Hey friends, I just wanted to encourage you today! It has been intense! I don’t know about you, but the warfare I have been getting has been ridiculous. One thing after another. It has nearly taken me out emotionally. I said nearly, because God told me, “You cant retreat, you need to return fire.” I was becoming overwhelmed by everything at once.

God spoke to me as I was praying and He said, “Its a scare tactic, its not real.” Now, are my concerns real? Yes of course, but what God is saying is that it is a scare tactic, devised by the enemy to get my focus off of what God is doing and focus on my problems, rather than my assignments!

You need to understand that you are not alone and most of Gods people are going through intense battles right now. We are on the verge of something magnificent. It will supersede anything we have ever seen in our generation. But we need to stay focused. You see, the enemy is scrambling, because he knows God is doing something powerful within and for His people. So he is shooting many darts your way. Now is not a time to retreat! Now is not a time to give up. Now is the time to worship during your warfare. Its is a time to rise up, above your circumstances, above the chaos.

No matter what it looks like in the natural, stay focused. I know for me, everything that God has been speaking to me in the secret place, looks completely OPPOSITE of what is happening in the natural. I don’t understand it, but I do KNOW that God is working everything out for my good, just like He is for you. Romans 8:28. God is faithful to keep His promises, I don’t care what the enemy says to you or does to you. GOD IS FAITHFUL. Hang on. If all you can do is just cling to the hem of His garment, than do that!

YOU WILL see the promises of God in your life. AND it wont take a lifetime to see them. I prophesy that you will walk out the purposes and the promises of God over your life. And you WILL taste and see that the Lord is good. I declare victory over your life today as we enter the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah!
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A Video to Encourage You.


Last year when I told God I missed writing and speaking He was not shy about asking me if I was willing to lay down my successful Personal Training Business, to pursue what He had for me. Honestly, it took many nudges and me getting injured to realize God really was speaking. So, I laid down 100%. I gave Him everything! Because I know anything I could possibly want or create by my own hands is nothing compared to what God has planned.

I spent 6 months on my face seeking the heart of God for my life, fasting and praying for His will. I will be honest, it was hard, I didn’t understand sometimes. He had me fasting a lot and I didn’t know why. I didn’t see anything happening, I didn’t feel more spiritual. I wasn’t writing, I wasn’t doing anything. I was just being still and obedient the best I knew how. It was hard, it was lonely. But God drew me in. He called out to me everyday. He consumed me with His love and reminded me of who I was in Him. If I was stripped bare and had nothing or no one, I would still have Him. He established a purpose in me.

Little did I know, that every single bit of that preparation was to get me ready for what’s ahead. I still don’t have the full picture, and that’s okay. God wont always reveal it all because if He did, we would be too scared to keep going. Because His ways are always higher than ours.

But I know, there is a plan. There is a purpose. This year my Ministry was birthed. My writing gift was released and doors opened to make room for it. My influence has grown, greater organically than anything I could have ever done on my own.
KIngdom Connections are being made, friendships are growing and a fire, so hot in my belly, I pray it never goes out.

I am sharing all this with you because….you may be confused and don’t understand. But I promise you. IF you will be willing to lay it all down. EVERYTHING, and trust Him with your life. He will take you on an incredible adventure. One that is filled with hope, excitement and expectation. I pray you have the faith to believe that YOU…yes YOU. God is madly in love with you and He is waiting for your YES.
Ephesians 3:20
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