Coming Out Of The Rubble.

I had a vision about a week ago, it was right around the time of the earthquakes. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t just seeing those who had actually been in an earthquake. After much prayer I just could not shake it off. I felt the Lord wanted me to encourage His people.

My vision was short but powerful. In it, I saw building rubble all around. As if an earthquake had taken place. I then saw someone push their way through the huge blocks covering them and stand strong to their feet. The cement blocks were huge and the ease of the person emerging, was as if they were simply made out of foam. I just saw them standing there proud and tall, not hurt, not shaken.

Back in June I released a word about God shaking things, titled, “Get Ready For The shaking.” (you can find it on my website) Everything that can be shaken would be and we would begin to see earthquakes in the natural.

I believe what I saw is a prophetic picture of those who have been shaken, those who have had their lives come crashing down around them. What was meant to kill you, will not even harm you. Everything around you may be shaking, but YOU WILL NOT BE MOVED. You will come out, victorious and not just alive, but strong and confident.

Be encouraged friends, you are coming out of the rubble. God is indeed moving powerfully. If you feel like things are falling a part. It could be that God is allowing things to fall away, and only that which HE has formed will remain standing.
Psalm 62:6-“Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken.”
#propheticencourgement #youwillnotbemoved #born2inspire

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