I have a clock that has been behind one hour for the last 3 months hanging in my bathroom. Even after replacing the battery and fixing the time, it continued to be slow. I never got around to replacing it and left it there.

Every day, I looked at that clock and was reminded that it was slow. And honestly, there were times when I felt like time itself was behind. Like there was a delay in my life, as I had such expectation of things to come. But just when I thought breakthrough was near, I was delayed again and again.

On 10-10-17 I was getting ready in the bathroom and I looked at the clock like I do everyday and it was actually on time! I was shocked! To the minute, it was accurate. As I looked at another clock confirming the time, I heard, “No more delays.”

“Thank you Jesus!” I shouted, as I sure felt like everything was in slow motion. I then heard, “I am the restorer of time, I am right on time, and you are in my timing.”

I couldn’t help but cry as I stood amazed at what had just happened. I know so many of you are feeling the same thing. Delay after delay, distraction, frustration and feeling like you missed Gods timing somehow. I want to encourage you as I prayed and felt that this word was not just for me. Many of you have been tried by fire and are waiting for the seas to part.

Can I just encourage you and tell you, “You have not missed it!!”

I believe God is finishing up the last few touches of what He has prepared for you, for this season. You can expect to be drawn in by His spirit to come up higher this season. You will begin to desire, more of Him. As you do, God will whisper strategies and reveal His heart to you and what He has planned coming into the New Year.

Take the time to finish strong this season. Get yourself in order. Prepare your mind, body and spirit as 2018 begins. Its going to be a busy season full of unexpected surprises! And God is restoring the time lost!

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