Let me challenge your thinking for a minute. I have been thinking a lot about the word, “NEW”. We often hear, God is doing a, “new” thing. Isaiah 43:19. We read it in scriptures. But have you ever really thought about what it means?

I have always just felt it was something to look forward to.
Webster’s defines it as, NEW; not existing before; made, introduced, or discovered recently or now for the first time.
The words that stood out to me were, “introduced and now for the first time.”

How many times have you received a prophetic word of what God was going to do? I know I have received many, from others and from the Holy Spirit. And then we are told we must, “war” for that word. Why? Because once a word is released, it is now revealed for even the enemy to hear. That’s why we have so much warfare over certain areas in our life, the enemy tries to keep those prophetic promises from coming to fruition.

WHAT IF…..that, “New” you are waiting on is just that. NEW.
Something completely unexpected!

Friends, God IS introducing something completely new. He is going to show up and show out in such a way that not even the enemy will know He is coming! God is releasing Prophetic promises over our lives, but some of them have never been spoken by man! They are directly from the heart of the Father.
Prophetic decrees that are straight from heaven, You wont have to war over them, because there will be no opposition. The enemy doesn’t even know about them!! Doors, that you never expected, opportunities you never dreamt about will suddenly become opened to you, because God made it happen!

The enemy is being exposed and defeated! Where he has sent constant opposition to the promises that God has made to you, he will have no idea this is even coming. Because it is NEW. Now it doesn’t mean those promises spoken over you already, wont come true. But I believe that’s why we keep hearing, that it wont look the way we think! God is going to bring those to pass in a NEW, never seen before way as well.
So be encouraged in knowing that God is doing something NEW, something unexpected and no man on earth or demon in hell can stop that which God had decreed over your life!!
#getreadyforthenew #propheticpromises #born2inspire

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