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December 2017

The Body of Christ is going to Surge in 2018!

I am so excited to be sharing with you the Word of hope and encouragement God is giving to the Body of Christ! The Word I heard is, “Surge” The definition for Surge is; a sudden powerful forward or upward movement. Synonyms, increase, rise, growth, upswing, upsurge, groundswell, escalation, leap! I don’t know about you, but that alone excites me! After praying on that Word Surge, I asked God what scripture did He have for it. He gave me Amos 9:13-15, “Yes indeed, it won’t be long now.” GOD’s Decree. “Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. I’ll make everything right again for my people Israel: “They’ll rebuild their ruined cities. They’ll plant vineyards and drink good wine. They’ll work their gardens and eat fresh vegetables. And I’ll plant them, plant them on their own land. They’ll never again be uprooted from the land I’ve given them.” GOD, your God, says so. Battle Worn, But Victorious Friends, the last 7 years has been an incredible battle. There has been many losses and much heartache. But on the flipside much ground was taken, and advancements were made in the natural and the spirit. Everything that you have been through is preparation for the promise. There was purpose in every painful experience, it was all a part of the process! You HAD to endure the loss, you had to endure the pain, you had to endure the persecution and the rejection. Your Judas had a purpose in your destiny. But what has seemed like a setback or a delay is Gods perfect timing. Those of you who have been purged by fire and you cry out, “My God, how much more can I take? I can’t hang on much longer!” 2018 is going to be the year that God establishes you, the year that the pieces of the puzzle begin to come together. Your going to understand why you had to go through, everything you went through. There’s going to be restoration and there’s going to be great promotion to the faithful ones, they will feel the SURGE in 2018. Things will begin to happen so quickly for the faithful ones. But just as quickly will people begin to be demoted! Don’t be surprised, that many leaders that you have placed on Pedestals will begin to fall. 2017 was a year of purging and repenting for things that were toxic and holding people back. So, if you have things that are in secret and sinful, I suggest repenting, because you will be exposed in 2018 if your heart isn’t right. There is no time for nonsense in 2018, it is going to be all about the Fathers business. That’s why there has been such a sense of urgency to declutter this year. This New Year is going to move at an accelerated pace, we must be spiritually and physically ready. By March we will begin to see the BIG picture and truly seeing that which God has been working hard behind the scenes on. Health and Wellness This year will have incredible grace and many miracles will take place in the areas of healings. 2018 is the year of New beginnings and God is giving us a second chance so to speak at life. He is giving us grace to get our bodies into alignment according to His Word. There will be a SURGE in Christian based ministries offering products, tools and opportunities to get healthy for life. Every year we make Resolutions to get healthy, but this year will be a year of Reformation, to bring about true and lasting change in the area of obesity and health. Again, God is extending grace in this area, so begin praying and asking God to help you find the right alignments and tools. 3 John 2; Beloved friend, I pray that you are prospering in every way and that you continually enjoy good health, just as your soul is prospering. As 5778 is the Year of the Open Door, we can expect just that! Many open doors of opportunity. But having discernment is key, as not every door that opens is of God. Staying close to the Fathers heart, will keep you in step with Him. Asking God for Wisdom and walking in wisdom will be another key to a successful transition into the new that God has for you. There will be a SURGE of Spiritual Mothers and Fathers taking their rightful place in the body of Christ and equipping and training the younger, not just in physical age but spiritual maturity. Friends, 2018 is going to be an incredible year, a year where the Body of Christ will SURGE, and the world is going to take notice. God will no longer be mocked. God is going to use our lives as an example to the world of His faithfulness, His Goodness and His blessings. Many people who have learned to steward little will become Kingdom Financers, creating businesses and wealth. When they are asked they will say, “My God did it!” Friends, get ready. 2018 is the year of fulfillment. God is going to make good on His promises, there shall be no more delay! #Propheticword2018 #born2inspireministries #surge5778 #hope #encouragement


Friends, as a personal trainer and business owner, I am so excited to be launching my Mentoring Program;
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I am combining my love for God and Fitness in this incredible “Get well, live well journey.”

So now that the Holidays are over, you can get back to reality!! And that means facing the fact you might of over did it this year on the goodies!

If you are ready to stop the vicious cycle of starting a New Years Resolution with gusto, only to teeter out in a month, consider joining my Online Monthly Mentoring Program!

I am going to be guiding you on a very personal journey of self discovery.

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HOW?? Through the daily renewing of your mind according to the Word of God. Daily encouragement and FUN!

You will get…
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Contest and prizes!

So if you are ready to FINALLY stop dieting and START learning to live a healthy lifestyle. Join us!

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Private online FB group, ladies only, starts Mon, Jan 8th 2018.
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#newyearnewyou #cantwaittogetstarted #born2inspirementoring #youcandothisIcanhelp

The Crown of Wisdom👑

Interesting!! I wanted to share with you how God speaks and how He works. Today on a live I did in one of my groups, I spoke on asking God for the spirit of wisdom. How the wealthiest man in the Bible, Solomon, never asked for riches. He asked for the WISDOM to govern Gods people!! 2 Chronicles 1:10-12.

But because that’s what he asked for, God gave him everything else!! Check out the scripture!
Now, I just realized that for those of us who keep seeing 1;11. God brought such humility and reverence for him after reading verse 1:11!! WOW!!

Now, for Christmas my kids got a giant Kerplunk game and as we were putting away the pieces my middle son Branson, who had the dream about Angels helping us move, said,

“Mom here, I am giving you the crown of wisdom.” as he
removes a piece off of his head and hands it to me!! I said Branson, “what made you think of wisdom?” “He said I don’t know, it just came to me.” I then replied, “I accept your wisdom, now place that crown on my head!” And he did.
I smiled as I felt it was a prophetic act, even with my son placing a piece of plastic on my head!

Coincidence? No!
God speaks and confirms His word. So I want to encourage you that as we are exiting, ( Egypt) the last days of 2017 that you begin asking God for wisdom! Wisdom to enter the Year of the Open door! Wisdom to manage what He has put you in charge of!

Proverbs 4:9 “Wisdom will reward you with a crown of honor and glory.”

Wisdom is the KEY 🔑to everything you need in 2018!
#wisdomiskey #keepasking #godconfirmshisword #born2inspireministries

Bless Your Enemies and Everyone Else Too!

Friends, this morning I was in prayer and God begin to speak to me about our enemies and blessing them. He also began to speak to me about blessing everyone else too. Now, its easy to bless those we love or admire, and we know that scripture tells us to bless our enemies. Luke 6:27-28.

But what about the people that fall in the in between? I don’t know about you, but I have had people in my life, even recently, that I got frustrated with and found myself grumbling at what I saw them doing or saying. They had told me one thing and then did what they said I shouldn’t do. I was frustrated. But I had to quickly repent and tell God I was sorry. I found myself in prayer, lifting them up and blessing their ministry. You see, they are not my enemy, but there was a frustration on my part. I begin saying out loud, “I bless you, I bless you, I bless you.”

Friends, I want you to understand, there will be people who will try and undercut you, or use you. People who will try and use your influence for their own gain. Many of these people are not malicious in doing so. But you need to understand that while their pride encourages them to this, you cannot let YOUR pride stand in the way of your blessing. God will bless you for staying humble and not grumbling when you feel you are being wronged or taken advantage of. He will bless you, if you will stay persistent to what He has called you to do, regardless of how you are being treated. I choose to give it to God, and not let my flesh worry about if they advance at my expense. I will complete what I told God I would do and then walk away. God is my vindicator and I will not allow a spirit of pride rise up to try and be in competition with them. My ministry is unique to me, just as yours is to you!

So, I encourage you to quickly forgive and understand no matter what they do, God is your vindicator! And remember, there is no man or woman on earth or demon in hell that can stop what God has for you!! So even if it feels like they are getting the upper hand, rest assured Gods in it!

Prayer: Father please help me to be quick to forgive and not judge others based on my emotions. Help me to trust you as my vindicator. Help me to keep doing what you have called me to do, even when others seem to be getting the upper hand. Help me to keep my pride in check and not react out of my emotions but to wait on you. Amen.

#blessyourenemies #Godisyourvindicator #born2inspireministries #dailynuggetsforthesoul

The Wind of Change is Upon Us.🍃

This morning while driving I was channel surfing and an old song, “Wind of Change.” By Scorpions came on. I am an 80’s girl so I knew the song. I started singing along.

Immediately I felt the spirit say, “The Wind of Change is Here.” I was taken back, as I had heard a word by Doug Addison a few days ago, talking about the Wind of change coming sooner than we expect.

Then later, as I was out and about, I felt a literal shift in the temperature. It went from warm to down right chilly in a matter of minutes. I live in Southern California and we have had 70 degree weather today. I felt the cold air blow over me and was surprised as I felt the Holy Spirit whisper,
“The Wind of Change is Here, NOW”

I immediately felt my spirit leap, as I knew it was confirmation of what I had heard earlier.

I want you to prepare yourself, by having a spirit of Expectancy!! Where there has been doubt and disbelief, I speak childlike faith into You!

This new season really is going to be like nothing we have EVER seen. We need to continue pressing in and finish strong!

Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready!!!

It is here NOW!! You will begin to start to see things in the natural change, beginning this month!!


2018 is going to be filled with Supernatural Suddenlies!!

#windofchange #getready #beexpectant #finishstrong #propheticword #born2inspireministries

Breakthrough & Breakout!

God brought it to my attention last night, while watching tv, which I rarely do. Even the secular world is feeling a season of, “Breakthrough.”–

During an hr long show, I watched 2 commercials, both using the words “Breakthrough” as their key word.

Ice Breakers Gum (my personal favorite) and Nike, both big name brands aired the same theme. It immediately caught my attention.
I then heard the words,
“Break-through and out in 2018”

Now….if the world can sense it, shouldn’t that be all the more confirmation that God truly is up to something great?!

Friends, we are entering a season like NEVER before! If you have been pressing in and faithful, get ready for your “BREAKTHROUGH-and-BREAKOUT” in 2018.

Everything you have been through over the last 5 yrs is about to make sense. God is going to reveal your purpose and His plan in a SUDDENLY- Breakthrough moment!
#propheticword #breakthrough #breakout #born2inspireministries

De-Clutter December!

God has been showing me 1111, 1;11 everyday for over a year. I See it everywhere, on everything. Now, He is waking me up at 1:11am and He has a couple times this last week. I recognize that He is speaking and that I am in transition as are many others seeing those same numbers. So, I take special notice now when He wakes me up. Last night I woke up at 1:10am and smiled because I was early. So, I laid there praying and asking God what He wanted to share with His people. I heard, “De-Clutter December.”

Quickly the Holy Spirit began to speak, and He said, “My people need to declutter some things from their life and make way for the new that I desire to bring to them. What I have cannot share the same space as anything from the previous season.”

De-Clutter definition ;(remove unnecessary items, from an untidy or overcrowded place).
Friends, we have a few weeks left of this month and then we will be entering a brand-New Year. Many people start thinking about their New Year’s Resolutions, and getting a fresh start. It’s as if Jan 1st holds some mystical powers that makes everything from the previous year vanish. And while its good to have goals and things we want to do NEXT year. God is asking us to finish this year strong. He is asking us to tie up loose ends and begin to declutter things from our lives.

There is something amazing about starting over or starting fresh. God wants us to do this too, that’s one of the reasons He died for us. To give us NEW life. However, a new life requires a letting go of certain people, places and things, even bad mindsets. Most of us have a tough time staying focused in an untidy space. You can easily get overwhelmed by it. Right now, I have such an urgency to get things in order. To declutter my home, get rid of stuff I no longer need. But it is not just our homes that need to be decluttered, but even our thought life, what we think about, what we focus on. Our minds have become (overcrowded) Many of us can no longer focus on Godly things as we are too consumed by worries of the world, past mistakes and heartaches and the stress that we carry. Its time to declutter.

Some of us, need to declutter our friends list, our music list, our movie list, our refrigerators and pantries from all the junk! We need to make room for the GOOD things that God wants to bring us. If our lives are so full of things we no longer need or can no longer use, we will have no usable space for good things. So, I challenge you today, begin thinking about next year, by preparing for it NOW! —Not in January.

Start making room for what God wants to do. Finish up things you started this year. Pray and ask God what things to keep and what things to let go of. Some of you have relationships and alignments that no longer serve you. Some may not even be bad relationships, but just their season has ended. You need to be obedient when He says, “let go.” You need to be obedient when He says, “that’s enough.” You need to be obedient when He says, “will you trust me?” Friends, 2018 is going to be “The Year of the Door,” Many new things, many new opportunities, many new changes will be taking place and ‘Doors’ will be opened to those who have been obedient in the previous season. Don’t delay your promise tomorrow, by ignoring His words today.
Isaiah 43:19

Prayer; Father please help me to get rid of things I no longer need and to release people no longer necessary in my life. Help me to trust you in this New season and to be obedient with what you are asking me to do. I can easily get overwhelmed and I ask that you give me peace and help me to stay focused on the important things. My life feels hard right now, but I know that you are good and that you have better things ahead for me. Help me to trust you. Please also, help me to declutter my life and to prepare for the new things you have for me in 2018. In Jesus name, Amen.
#dailyencouragement #declutterdecember #born2inspireministries

Healing From The Spirit of Offense

Many of you are struggling with lack of self- worth and such huge insecurities. Many, of you are so wounded by others that you are so easily offended, people have a hard time being around you. They feel like they cannot say anything, without you getting upset about it. I know. I used to be one of those people. I was so hurt and angry for allowing myself to be used by people, that I was easily offended. I felt like everything was a personal attack and I needed to stay on the defense.

I thank God for securing who I am in Him and removing the spirit of offense. It is such an awkward thing to carry. So many misunderstandings come from people who are hurt and carry a spirit of offense and rejection. If you are not this person, you know someone who is. We all do.

The only thing that helped me with this, was getting in the word and prayer. Spending time with Jesus and letting HIM recalibrate me. He had to do a major overhaul on all the negative thoughts I had about myself. Some thoughts were my own insecurities, but many were hurtful words that others had said, that became seeds and took root. But I had to learn to forgive others for the pain that they caused. It didn’t make what they did okay, but it did release me from carrying the pain any longer.

I want to encourage you today to begin to allow God into the most inner parts of your heart and let Him do some gardening. Let Him start pulling the roots of rejection, bitterness and offense. Let Him establish in you a sense of self worth and knowing who you are in Him. You are more than the hurtful words that have been spoken over you. You are more than the terrible things that has happened to you. God grieves, knowing the pain you went through. But He is here today, to remind you of His amazing love for you. To remind you that you can become WHOLE, healed spiritually, emotionally and physically. When you know who you are in Christ, you will never allow yourself to be abused by anyone again. God is asking you to trust Him to heal you, to give every hurt, every pain and every trauma to Him. Will you trust Him today?

Matthew 6:14-15 And when you pray, make sure you forgive the faults of others so that your Father in heaven will also forgive you. But if you withhold forgiveness from others, your Father withholds forgiveness from you.”

Prayer; Father, please help me to know who I am in you. Please take away anything in me that is hindering me from my walk with you. I want to be made whole. I want to know joy and have peace again. I don’t want to carry this hurt and rejection any more. Please help me to let it go and to trust you with the inner most parts of my heart. Please help me to forgive myself and others for any pain that was caused, that keeps me bound. Help me to release all my insecurities to you and to trust you with my whole heart. In Jesus name Amen.
#dailyencouragement #hopeinthisworld #forgiveness #born2inspireministries

Live For Today

Good morning friends and Happy December!

Today marks Day one of a NEW Month. There is something great about the beginning of a new day, a new month, a new year. But…..I want to encourage those of you who are, “waiting” for this year to be over, so you can start fresh.

I have heard many people say, “I cant wait for this year to be over.” And while I do understand that, I have also learned that many of us are always living for tomorrow, or next month, or next year.

We are living every day, just trying to get through until, “this day, or that day.” Can I challenge you to live for TODAY. To focus on today and to find the good in it. I know things may be really hard, but I promise you, if you always look for the bad you will always find it. Likewise, if you look for the good, you will find that too. Its always about perspective. We all have something we can be thankful for, no matter how small.

God says, “We are not promised tomorrow.” James 4:13-14

So then why are we so consumed by it? While its okay too look at tomorrow, don’t spend all your time trying to get there, that you miss out on the moment you are in right now. God is teaching me to, “Be in the moment” To treasure every moment “right now.”

Our lives are made of moments, each one precious in its own way. Even the painful ones, as we realize who we are and who our God is. Lets not, be so “busy” thinking of tomorrow, or next year, that we lose focus on what God is trying to show us and teach us now. Learn to LIVE in this moment right now. You only live once and it is precious.

Prayer: Father, help me to learn to live in the moment. Help me, not to take this day for granted. I am so thankful for the life you have given me and I never want to miss out on my blessings today, because I am too worried about tomorrow. Help me Father, when I am anxious and worried. Help me to see things from your perspective and to trust you, no matter what I see in the natural. I know that you are a good Father, so help me to trust you more and worry less. I want to live for today. Amen
#liveforthemoment #born2inspireministries

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