Live For Today

Good morning friends and Happy December!

Today marks Day one of a NEW Month. There is something great about the beginning of a new day, a new month, a new year. But…..I want to encourage those of you who are, “waiting” for this year to be over, so you can start fresh.

I have heard many people say, “I cant wait for this year to be over.” And while I do understand that, I have also learned that many of us are always living for tomorrow, or next month, or next year.

We are living every day, just trying to get through until, “this day, or that day.” Can I challenge you to live for TODAY. To focus on today and to find the good in it. I know things may be really hard, but I promise you, if you always look for the bad you will always find it. Likewise, if you look for the good, you will find that too. Its always about perspective. We all have something we can be thankful for, no matter how small.

God says, “We are not promised tomorrow.” James 4:13-14

So then why are we so consumed by it? While its okay too look at tomorrow, don’t spend all your time trying to get there, that you miss out on the moment you are in right now. God is teaching me to, “Be in the moment” To treasure every moment “right now.”

Our lives are made of moments, each one precious in its own way. Even the painful ones, as we realize who we are and who our God is. Lets not, be so “busy” thinking of tomorrow, or next year, that we lose focus on what God is trying to show us and teach us now. Learn to LIVE in this moment right now. You only live once and it is precious.

Prayer: Father, help me to learn to live in the moment. Help me, not to take this day for granted. I am so thankful for the life you have given me and I never want to miss out on my blessings today, because I am too worried about tomorrow. Help me Father, when I am anxious and worried. Help me to see things from your perspective and to trust you, no matter what I see in the natural. I know that you are a good Father, so help me to trust you more and worry less. I want to live for today. Amen
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2 Comments on “Live For Today

  1. Mrs. Gyspy, I sooo love reading your prophetic words, but
    the Diabetic sponsor listed on your article will not let me completely read the article. It jumps to the advertisement EVERY time, no matter what I
    do. This is SOOO frustrating!!! I apologize, I just needed to vent!


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