Breakthrough & Breakout!

God brought it to my attention last night, while watching tv, which I rarely do. Even the secular world is feeling a season of, “Breakthrough.”–

During an hr long show, I watched 2 commercials, both using the words “Breakthrough” as their key word.

Ice Breakers Gum (my personal favorite) and Nike, both big name brands aired the same theme. It immediately caught my attention.
I then heard the words,
“Break-through and out in 2018”

Now….if the world can sense it, shouldn’t that be all the more confirmation that God truly is up to something great?!

Friends, we are entering a season like NEVER before! If you have been pressing in and faithful, get ready for your “BREAKTHROUGH-and-BREAKOUT” in 2018.

Everything you have been through over the last 5 yrs is about to make sense. God is going to reveal your purpose and His plan in a SUDDENLY- Breakthrough moment!
#propheticword #breakthrough #breakout #born2inspireministries

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