Bless Your Enemies and Everyone Else Too!

Friends, this morning I was in prayer and God begin to speak to me about our enemies and blessing them. He also began to speak to me about blessing everyone else too. Now, its easy to bless those we love or admire, and we know that scripture tells us to bless our enemies. Luke 6:27-28.

But what about the people that fall in the in between? I don’t know about you, but I have had people in my life, even recently, that I got frustrated with and found myself grumbling at what I saw them doing or saying. They had told me one thing and then did what they said I shouldn’t do. I was frustrated. But I had to quickly repent and tell God I was sorry. I found myself in prayer, lifting them up and blessing their ministry. You see, they are not my enemy, but there was a frustration on my part. I begin saying out loud, “I bless you, I bless you, I bless you.”

Friends, I want you to understand, there will be people who will try and undercut you, or use you. People who will try and use your influence for their own gain. Many of these people are not malicious in doing so. But you need to understand that while their pride encourages them to this, you cannot let YOUR pride stand in the way of your blessing. God will bless you for staying humble and not grumbling when you feel you are being wronged or taken advantage of. He will bless you, if you will stay persistent to what He has called you to do, regardless of how you are being treated. I choose to give it to God, and not let my flesh worry about if they advance at my expense. I will complete what I told God I would do and then walk away. God is my vindicator and I will not allow a spirit of pride rise up to try and be in competition with them. My ministry is unique to me, just as yours is to you!

So, I encourage you to quickly forgive and understand no matter what they do, God is your vindicator! And remember, there is no man or woman on earth or demon in hell that can stop what God has for you!! So even if it feels like they are getting the upper hand, rest assured Gods in it!

Prayer: Father please help me to be quick to forgive and not judge others based on my emotions. Help me to trust you as my vindicator. Help me to keep doing what you have called me to do, even when others seem to be getting the upper hand. Help me to keep my pride in check and not react out of my emotions but to wait on you. Amen.

#blessyourenemies #Godisyourvindicator #born2inspireministries #dailynuggetsforthesoul

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