The Wind of Change is Upon Us.🍃

This morning while driving I was channel surfing and an old song, “Wind of Change.” By Scorpions came on. I am an 80’s girl so I knew the song. I started singing along.

Immediately I felt the spirit say, “The Wind of Change is Here.” I was taken back, as I had heard a word by Doug Addison a few days ago, talking about the Wind of change coming sooner than we expect.

Then later, as I was out and about, I felt a literal shift in the temperature. It went from warm to down right chilly in a matter of minutes. I live in Southern California and we have had 70 degree weather today. I felt the cold air blow over me and was surprised as I felt the Holy Spirit whisper,
“The Wind of Change is Here, NOW”

I immediately felt my spirit leap, as I knew it was confirmation of what I had heard earlier.

I want you to prepare yourself, by having a spirit of Expectancy!! Where there has been doubt and disbelief, I speak childlike faith into You!

This new season really is going to be like nothing we have EVER seen. We need to continue pressing in and finish strong!

Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready!!!

It is here NOW!! You will begin to start to see things in the natural change, beginning this month!!


2018 is going to be filled with Supernatural Suddenlies!!

#windofchange #getready #beexpectant #finishstrong #propheticword #born2inspireministries

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