Friends, as a personal trainer and business owner, I am so excited to be launching my Mentoring Program;
(Born 2 Inspire Mentoring) Its been a long awaited dream of helping more people online than I could ever do in a gym!

I am combining my love for God and Fitness in this incredible “Get well, live well journey.”

So now that the Holidays are over, you can get back to reality!! And that means facing the fact you might of over did it this year on the goodies!

If you are ready to stop the vicious cycle of starting a New Years Resolution with gusto, only to teeter out in a month, consider joining my Online Monthly Mentoring Program!

I am going to be guiding you on a very personal journey of self discovery.

Helping you break those bad habits that plague

you year by year!!

HOW?? Through the daily renewing of your mind according to the Word of God. Daily encouragement and FUN!

You will get…
Daily Accountibilty
Daily fitness tips
Healthy Food recipes
Scriptures to study
Weekly weigh ins
Food tracking accountibilty
Daily Encouragment
Counseling with me
AND…its going to be FUN!!

Contest and prizes!

So if you are ready to FINALLY stop dieting and START learning to live a healthy lifestyle. Join us!

You need to learn to become a priority in your life!
Private online FB group, ladies only, starts Mon, Jan 8th 2018.
Comment below and I will send you the details! Send me a friend request on FB, I would love to connect!
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